7 Money-Saving Tips for Buying Airfare

Air TravelBuying airfare is one of those things in life that everybody dreads having to do. Trying to find the best airfare deals sucks up days of our lives spent searching, stressing and panicking. If you are going to invest your time and money booking that trip, you better know everything that will help you get the best deal. But the cold hard truth is that most people do little to educate themselves on some of the best tricks to saving money on airfare. Today you will see 7 simple tips to saving big money on your next flight.

  1. Build Your Own Round Trip Flight. Don’t you hate it when the round-trip price on Airline A is so much more expensive than the one-way special sale from Airline B? To take advantage of the special fare by Airline B you should break your flight into two one-way flights and you could save yourself a bunch of extra cash.
  2. No Show on a Round Trip. This is a good tool I use when I need a one-way flight but they are insanely expensive when compared to a round trip option. All you do is book a normal round trip flight but you never show up for the return leg of your flight. You should avoid doing this too often on the same airlines because they might not appreciate you hacking their game.
  3. Book Last Minute Flights. If you are planning a trip that starts travel within 30 days of your date of booking you might be better served to hold off on buying your ticket. While many experts advice to book in advance is good, sometimes we can’t, and all flights constantly update their prices up until the plane takes-off. If you can carefully follow the airfare everyday, you might be able to catch the airline when they drop their prices.
  4. Use International Versions of Booking Sites. If you can’t find the deal you want you should always check out your favorite booking sites websites for other countries. To take it a step further you can search for booking services that are not even used in your country or first language in an attempt to find a deal that you may not have. When trying this make sure to be aware of any extra tax or foreign currency exchange fees that may be incurred when making any purchases on these types of websites.
  5. Earn Frequent Flyer Miles. Frequent flyer miles, like Delta’s SkyMiles, are one of the more misused and misunderstood tools for big savings on airfare.You may have noticed all of those elite passengers boarding the plane before you or skipping the entire security checkpoint line. More often than not those perks are derived from frequent flyer miles or special airline credit cards like the Delta SkyMiles credit card. They are not perfect but you can use them to save $1,000s on travel every year. So next time you fly make sure you are enrolled to earn frequent flyer miles for all your flights.
  6. Add an Extra Destination. Sometimes a direct flights are too expensive and you don’t want to connect in an airport for 4 hours. When that happens you should create a multi-destination or multi-city flight where you could find a cheaper flight that gets you a shorter connection time through another city or you can take a longer connection that allows you to spend the day in a city you always wanted to visit.
  7. Use Nearby Airports. This tip is often overlooked because people are used to flying out of and returning to the same airports. But if you can mix and match sometimes you will find a cheaper fare for the same trip. This works for international or domestic destinations.

I offer my helpful advice so you’re not left with your bank accounts empty at the end of your travel. You can find more useful tips and tools on my site: The Travel Abstract.


  1. There can never be enough of these how to find cheap flights tips. As prices go up everyone is grabbing any possibility to get the cheapest possible flights… so any advice is most welcome!

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