6 Ways to Make Your Hotel Stay More Comfortable

Staying at a hotel can be an amazing experience. Hotels of today offer guests every amenity under the sun. Many of these amenities are offered at no charge. With all of the items offered to you by hotels, it can be surprising when you find that you’re missing the creature comforts of home. Before you leave for your next trip, be sure that you pack these essential items to make your hotel room feel a bit more like home:


Even if your hotel has the most luxurious bed that money can buy, you may still find that you have trouble falling asleep. You’d be surprised at how much effect your broken-in pillow has on a good night’s rest. The next time you get ready to leave your house for your big vacation, stop and grab your pillow. Those sleep-filled nights will be well worth the extra luggage.


If you have room in your suitcase, be sure to pack at least one towel. Unless you are staying in a five-star, luxury resort, chances are that the towels supplied to you are smaller than the bath towels you use at home. They also won’t be as soft and fluffy as if you had washed them yourself. Bringing a towel along with you is just one simple way of making your hotel stay more comfortable.


Let’s face it: pay-per-view in a hotel room can get expensive! If you’re traveling with children, you’ll want to keep them properly entertained. Pack your kids’ favorite gaming system and a few games. If you aren’t traveling with kids, you may still want to bring along your laptop, portable DVD player or iPod. Even though you’re on vacation, you’ll still have down time. Having access to the same types of entertainment you have at home can make your time in a hotel room more pleasant.


Many times, vacations are all out exploring the different dining options in your destination location. However, sometimes it’s more convenient to plan, prepare, and eat meals in your hotel room. It’s also a great way to save time and money that you might want to spend on other activities nearby. Learn more about eating in a hotel room here.


Adapters are especially important to pack in your bag if you are traveling to Europe. Other countries don’t use the same voltage as the United States. This means that your chargers, hair dryers and curling irons won’t fit into the wall sockets in your hotel room. You can find adapters at most stores that sell electronics.


If you are sensitive to smells, bring along a bottle of Febreeze on your next trip. Bring along the same scent that you use for your home. When you get into your hotel room, spray the curtains, the bedding and even the shower curtain. Spraying your room with Febreeze will rid it of the chemical smell found so frequently in hotel rooms. You’ll be able to relax more easily when your room smells a bit more like home.


If you’re traveling on your own, whether it’s for business or pleasure, bringing along a few pictures of loved ones can make your room feel homey and inviting. Pack a favorite photo of your kids, spouse, friends or pets in your carry-on bag. When you get to your hotel room, pull them out and set them on your nightstand or dresser. You’ll instantly make your hotel room feel more personal.

No stay in a hotel room will ever be as comfortable as your own home. By packing your own pillow, a towel and a few pictures, you can make your hotel room as relaxing as possible. You may not be planning on spending all of your time in your hotel room, but the time you do spend in it should be as comfortable as it can be.

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  1. The tips you have shared are rarely noticeable during trip but they can really make your stay comfortable. I am happy to see that you have shared your knowledge on such topic that people ignore generally. These tips are very small but very useful too.

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