6 Tips On Planning The Perfect New York Destination Wedding

Very few cities in the United States conjure the romantic feelings that New York does. For those that have never visited the city, New York has an air of mystery and appeal. Couples that have spent time in New York quickly fall in love with its mixture of excitement and culture. If you are planning a destination wedding in the Big Apple, here are six tips to make it a hit:

1.Plan in Advance

New York City is a busy place! Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your wedding, particularly if you have a specific venue in mind. Start planning your wedding several months to a year in advance to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Book the venues for your ceremony and reception at least six months in advance to be sure that you get the venues you want.

2.Send Invitations Early

Send out your wedding invitations as early as possible. If you want family and friends to be able to attend your wedding, you have to give them time to ask their employer for days off, arrange for child or pet care and book airfare. The more advance notice you give your guests, the more family and friends you’ll be surrounded by on your big day.

3.Suggest a Variety of Accommodations

Send your potential guests a list of accommodations with your invitations. Make sure that your list includes hotels that are perfect for a wide range of budgets and tastes. While some of your guests may feel at home for the weekend in a five-star hotel, others may be more comfortable in a budget-friendly bed and breakfast. Your friends and family will appreciate the time you take to help them find a place to stay!

4.Give Guests a Map

Keep in mind that some of your guests may not be as city savvy as you and your groom. Provide guests with a map to the wedding and reception venues and suggest transportation options. If you’ve reserved a block of rooms at a hotel, you may want to hire a bus to shuttle your guests to and from your wedding.

4.Visit Your Vendors

Take at least one trip to the city to meet with your vendors. You don’t want to give money to anyone sight unseen! A trip to New York before the wedding will allow you to meet with your caterer, cake designer and DJ. If you plan this trip in advance, you can save time by scheduling all of your appointment on the same day or in the same weekend.

5.Buy Your Dress in the City

If you aren’t difficult to size, consider buying your dress in the city. This will prevent the need to pack your dress and find someone to make it wearable again before your wedding. Most wedding dress boutiques will be more than happy to have your dress sent to your hotel if you ask for this service in advance.

6.Book a Horse Drawn Carriage

Nothing says “New York” like a horse drawn carriage. A beautiful carriage is the perfect way to arrive at your venue and is sure to turn the heads of every guest. New York has several companies that provide horse drawn carriages to weddings and other events. If you choose this romantic transportation option, be sure to book well in advance as carriages are becoming incredibly popular for all manner of occasions.

New York City is a fantastic place to get married! If you plan early enough, put special effort into making sure your guests are comfortable and add gorgeous touches like a horse drawn carriage, your New York destination wedding will be a hit!

Natalie Grey is a full-time wedding blogger living in New York City. If you’re interested in learning more about the horse drawn carriages in her article, click here.

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