6 Things You’ll Want to Do Before Going on Vacation

For months and months, you have been waiting for your trip. At last, this glorious day has finally arrived, and you can now enjoy your vacation. Wait one more minute though. You have six more things you must do before leaving.

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Install a Security System

Leaving your house empty for days or weeks at a time can be extremely dangerous. Robbers might realize that you are away and break-in. Without an alarm company monitoring the home, you may not know this even happened until you return home. Having this type of system can save you so much headache and heartbreak.

Someone to Visit

Even though you have visited a Seattle Life Shield location and are getting a security system installed before you leave, you also want a physical presence in the house. Ask a parent or family member to stop by each day to bring in your mail and to check the house. A full mailbox is a sign that you’re away, and seeing a person entering and exiting each day makes the home appear occupied. You’ll also want your visitor to keep up the place while you’re gone. So that when you finally come home you’re home will be well kept.

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Provisions for Your Pets

Who will care for your pets while you are away? Some animals can stay by themselves. For example, if you have cats, a family member stopping by each day to feed them and change their litter boxes is usually fine. Of course, you must leave extra water out, especially in the summer months. However, dogs usually need more care than that, and you would have to board them.

Automatic Timers

If pets will be staying in your house, you may wish to purchase some automatic timers for the cooling and heating systems before you go. Check the systems for any fire risks. Also, automatic timers on the lights and televisions make people think that someone is home.

Water The Plants

As you are racing out of the house, forgetting about these little guys is easy. Give them one good watering before you leave and ask someone to take care of them while you are on vacation.

Check Your Bank Account

Today, most places provide you with access to the Internet, so you can check your account on your trip. Still though, you never know when Internet access will fail, so giving your account one good check before you depart is not a bad idea. You do not want to run out of money on vacation.

Going on vacation is certainly a lot of fun, and accomplishing these steps will give you greater peace of mind while you are gone.

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