6 Summer International Holidays Students Can’t Miss!

ibiza afternoonYou’ve spent the past eight months or so in school and June is quickly approaching. It’s time to start planning your summer vacation! If you’re looking for a fabulous destination, you’re in luck! Here are six destinations that are sure to bring excitement to your life and make your forget just how hectic your life has been as a student:

1. Ibiza

Think of Ibiza as a sort of European Vegas. It’s an incredible party place practically tailor made for college students. Just a 30 minute plane ride from Madrid, this island is sure to quickly become one of your favorite vacation destinations. If you’re looking for jumping night life, head to the island in July. If you’re looking for crowded beaches and the opportunity to meet an incredible array of new people, travel to Ibiza in August. The island is a never-ending party during the summer; you’ll be guaranteed a great time!

2. Australia

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the continent down under, now is the perfect time. White sandy beaches, ridiculous waves and protected harbors ensure that you can have the vacation of your dreams, whatever your preferences. Go deep sea fishing, surf the ocean waves or explore dense jungles. No matter what you choose to do, Australia is a perfect vacation destination.

London Eye3. London

London is a top summer destination thanks to its temperate climate and amazing array of cultures. If you think that America is a melting pot, wait until you hit the shores of England. London is home to people from Asia, the middle east and Europe; you might even run into a fellow American! The country’s capital is overflowing with culture, history and amazing architecture. The vast network of public transportation makes the city a wonderful starting place for a tour of the entire country and beyond.

4. The Galapagos

Chances are that you’ve seen a documentary on The Galapagos Islands at least once in your lifetime. If you’re a nature lover, this is a once in a lifetime, can’t miss trip! The Galapagos chain is comprised of over a dozen main islands, ensuring that you won’t be lacking for new and exciting things to do each day of your trip. You’ll view marine iguanas, an amazing array of birds and an absolutely divine mixture of some of the most fantastic sea life on earth. A visit to the island chain should be included on everyone’s bucket list!

5. Rishikesh

For the adventurous, globe-trotting student, it doesn’t get much better than Rishikesh. This city, found in northern India, is a wonderful combination of adventure, meditation and spirituality. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, take a white water rafting trip along the Ganga, trek through the Valley of Flowers and over the Milam Glacier or spend your time kayaking along the river, camping along the shores. Before you return home, be sure to book an appointment at the Yoga Sadan Ashram for the ultimate in active relaxation.

Galapagos6. Cruise Ships

Cruises aren’t just for senior citizens and married couples. Amazing destinations like the Caribbean, Alaska, the Bahamas and even Europe make a summer vacation aboard a cruise ship a fantastic choice. A cruise allows you to visit amazing ports of call for one inclusive price, making it a great budget-friendly way to see parts of the world that you may not see otherwise! Whether you choose to book a meditative cruise, a river cruise or an exciting student-centered cruise, you’ll enjoy your time at sea so much that you may find yourself choosing different cruises for all of your upcoming holidays!

You’ve worked hard and deserve a break! Spend your summer vacation in any of these six amazing destinations. You’ll return to school recharged, refreshed and ready for all that lies ahead.

Nicole Morgan is a freelance travel writer and career counselor, she blogs for executivembaguides.org where you can find information about executive mba online programs. She enjoys finding unique travel destinations for her students!

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