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5 Unique Kakadu National Park Tours

The Kakadu National Park is Australia’s biggest national park. You do know how vast the land of Australia is, so imagine a national park covering a really big area! Located in the Northern Territory of Australia, the Kakadu National Park is a great place for families to visit on a holiday or extended weekend. The park is filled with flora and fauna for those who enjoy nature at its best. When you need a place to get away for a while, take a look at the Kakadu National Park tours.

Wildlife Tours from Darwin

Flying foxes, a type of bat, in the Kakadu National Park - Kakadu National Park Tours
Flying foxes, a type of bat, in the Kakadu National Park

Experience incredible locations of nature when you explore the wetlands area of Kakadu National Park. Whether you would like to see crocodiles up close or take a walk through a monsoon rainforest, the park has plenty to offer you. There are several wildlife tours that leave the city of Darwin in Northern Australia and provide tours of walk-thru aquariums, wild turtle sanctuaries, conservation areas, a nocturnal house and more.

You will see amazing displays of nature like jumping crocodiles and underwater aquariums. You can even take a helicopter ride and see the park from the air. The park also includes the historic Charles Point Lighthouse as well as the Corroboree Billabong Wetlands and the Adelaide River. The Wildlife tours from Darwin offer you plenty of options for exploring the Kakadu National Park.

Kakadu Gorge and Waterfall Tour

Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park, Australia
Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park, Australia

If you are looking for a day tour that will give you plenty of chances to take pictures and experience the beauty of nature, check out the Kakadu Gorge and Waterfall Tour. As one of the most spectacular Kakadu National Park tours, this incredible trip includes exploring the savannah woodlands as well as relaxing next to the serene pool of water at the base of the Jim Jim Falls, standing on the top of a 10 meter cliff or exploring the scenic monsoon forest.

The waterfall tour operates 7 days a week from May to November. Transportation is provided to the area with 4WD air conditioned vehicles as well as having an experienced tour guide with you. A picnic lunch is provided along with plenty of drinking water.

You will definitely want to bring your camera and take lots of photos. Many guests make this tour a repeat visit on their holidays in the area. Visiting the Kakadu Gorge and Waterfall is a very spiritual adventure that brings you close to nature and lets you enjoy the energy of this incredibly scenic location.

Kakadu National Park Cultural Tour

Aboriginal rock painting in the Kakadu National Park
Aboriginal rock painting in the Kakadu National Park

When you are looking for a tour that highlights the culture of the area, take one of the amazing cultural tours of the park. The Culture Tours are guided by the local park rangers and are given during the dry season between May and October.

The culture tours include visiting with the Native Aborigines as well as learning about their culture and lifestyle. You also learn how the Aborigines gather food in the bush country and how they cook and prepare their meals. You will also get to experience evening slide shows about the region.

Your cultural tour also includes experiencing native Aboriginal rock art and taking a wildlife boat cruise down the East Alligator River. You will also get to experience night time in the park when you stay overnight in a luxury safari tent.

Tours are given in small groups to allow for a more personal tour experience. You will also get the chance to explore the Yellow Water Wetlands as you cruise by boat through the area. The Kakadu National Park tours give you the chance to explore the culture of the area by getting off the beaten path and see the wildlife in the park.

Kakadu National Park Camping Tour

If you enjoy camping and want to experience the natural environment of the Kakadu National Park, you can do this by camping in the park. The park offers camp sites for those who want to stay and enjoy the beauty of the park. Park passes can be purchased online or at the entrance to the park. Park passes need to be kept with you while you are in the park and can be checked at any time by a park compliance ranger.

Park passes give you access to all cultural activities and slide shows, guided walks, a visitor’s guide and more. A number of tour companies offer camping tours and camping safaris of the Kakadu National Park. They also offer private personalized charters and scheduled small group tours that are available for all ages.

These tours are great for families who are on holiday and looking for the perfect getaway. Kakadu is filled with numerous animals, along with many bird species and varieties of fish. The park is the second largest in the world and the largest national park in Australia.

Kakadu National Park Flora and Fauna Tours

Common Kingfisher in the Kakadu National Park
Common Kingfisher in the Kakadu National Park

If you love exploring nature and want to see the incredible flora and fauna of the Kakadu National Park, you will love the amazing wildlife and fantastic displays of plants and flowers that adorn the park landscape. With more than 1700 different plant species and 74 species of mammals along with reptiles, birds, fish and insects, the Kakadu National Park is the perfect place for kids and adults to learn about plants and animals. There are more than 280 species of birds for those who enjoy bird watching.

Conclusion: Kakadu National Park Tours

Whew! With all that information about Kakadu, I’ll bet you and your family are raring to see the sights and go on one of these Kakadu national park tours. Experience how this land tells its story and be amazed! You never know, a part of Kakadu will stay in your hearts!

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