5 Travel Ideas to Promote Wellness and Balance in Life

Vacations can mean different things to different people – however it’s important that at certain times of the year you focus on yourself and learn to enjoy a balance in life. If you are looking to put a personal wellbeing plan in place, or simply want to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life – we have put some suggestions together so you can make the most of your travels.

Go to a Luxury Spa Resort

There are luxury spa resorts that are dedicated to promoting wellbeing. One of the best in the country is the Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort which is perfect for this kind of getaway. Not only do they have daily activities that promote mindfulness such as yoga and hiking, this hotel also has soap lake healing waters that has natural healing capabilities. They have beautiful rooms and affordable packages on offer – not to mention spa treatments that can leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

This type of retreat is one that will put both your mind and body at ease. If you’ve been struggling with a particular physical ailment like back pain, you could book in for a spa treatment that will help ease the pain for you.

A Yoga Retreat

If you are looking to get off the grid completely – then you might want to check out a yoga retreat such as EcoYoga. This is based in the Scottish Highlands. Its surroundings are hills and forests making it a natural choice for yoga lovers. The yoga studios are beautiful complete with underfloor heating. They also look over the River Liever which will give you perfect scenic views.

Yoga has numerous health benefits and will leave you feeling truly rejuvenated. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried yoga before, or if you’re a beginner, because you can find classes that are tailored for people with every level of experience.

Camping Holidays

If you want to get back to basics and really explore nature, a camping trip could be right up your street. There are some fantastic camping holidays in France that can give you an unforgettable experience. You can choose to camp beside sandy beaches or the famous French Alps and become completely in touch with nature.

Getting in touch with nature is one of the best ways to find a balance in your life. We all get easily consumed with our education, work and even technology so much that they end up taking over our lives. It’s easy to forget what incredible sights exist outside of our 4 walls, so a camping experience will put you right in the middle of the beautiful world we live in.

A Cycling Trip

Exercise is always a good way to get your brain healthy. It can make people much more aware of their mental state, and therefore distract you from fears or anxiety. It can also give you the burst of energy you may need. Cycling is a fantastic way to decrease your stress levels – and there are lots of different cycling holidays that you can indulge in. You could go on self-guided biking tours, or there are community cycling holidays you can go on if you would prefer the company.

A Digital Detox

In this day in age, we are all glued to a screen throughout the day. Whether it be a computer screen or an iPhone – there are lots of distractions. A digital detox allows you to focus on life without a screen – giving you a much healthier balance. With these retreats, you can find yourself with no signal or WiFi for a few days allowing you to detox from everything digital. Just ensure you stick to it and don’t cheat!

If you are going on your travels, and would like to focus on yourself and mental wellbeing, then look into some of the above suggestions – it could be exactly what you need.

Every option is different so only choose the one that’s going to be best suited to you. For example, if you hate exercise then a cycling trip is definitely something you should stay away from! The key goal is to take a trip that’s going to make you feel better, so keep that in mind.

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