5 Travel Essentials

When it comes to travel, there are a wide array of things to consider. When and where to book, finding the cheapest flights and hotels, and what to bring with you on the journey are all very pertinent subjects. However, no trip would be complete without grabbing some travel essentials before you leave. Here’s a list of some items you don’t want to overlook before you go on your next vacation.

Duct Tape

duct tape by andymangold on Flickr

Duct tape is the traditional fixer of just about everything. So, why not bring a roll with you on your next vacation? In case you poke a hole in your luggage or you break the side mirror off your rental car, duct tape will prevent the situation from getting worse. It probably wouldn’t hurt to also have a story about why you have a roll of duct tape in case the TSA decides to check your bag. It might be hard to explain.


While you can easily travel from place to place with minimal paperwork, you may want to consider carrying some additional documents with you. Copies of your flights and itinerary are nice, but also taking color copies of your driver’s license and passport can be worthwhile in case you lose a bag or it gets stolen. It is especially important if you’re traveling overseas to have a color copy of your passport because it may be the only way to get you home. If you aren’t sure whether you want to travel domestically or internationally, check out some groupon getaways to find some ideas within your budget.


It’s common sense that you should bring some toiletries on your trip. However, there are a few items you may not have considered in the past that can help freshen you up without the aid of a traditional shower or sink. Facial cleanser, single-use toothbrushes, and dry shampoo are just a few of the items you can pick up at any pharmacy that can make your personal hygiene better in case you are away from proper facilities.

Clothing for all Weather

No matter where you are planning on traveling to, it’s important that you know weather patterns and the proper attire that you need to have for the location. While some tropical locations may seem like you only need to pack swimming trunks, a t-shirt, and sandals, many of these destinations have monsoon seasons, which could require you to pack for colder or rainy weather. Make sure you know the weather of your vacation place before you go.


If you’ve ever been seated next to a small child on a flight or been in a hostel with another guest who snores like a jet engine, you should know that earplugs are a travel essential. Don’t overlook the importance of silence. A good night’s sleep makes you more apt to enjoy the next day’s adventures.

While these are just a few items to consider on your journey, it may be to your advantage to make a list of the items you think you may need. If you are organized to do this ahead of time, you can rest easy knowing that your packing of miscellaneous items is complete. Then, you can just enjoy the adventure and relaxation.

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