5 Tips to Save Money on Your Travel

All frequent travelers are always caught in a trap of expenses that they rarely know how to circumvent. See here five tips to save money on your travel, curtailing all redundant expenditures, in order that you can enjoy a true holiday and reassure your conscience that you have indeed enjoyed a true bargain without waste.

If life is to be really enjoyed, can the pleasure of traveling be far behind? It said that the two activities complement each other to provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a much-needed vacation to be free of the daily tedium of our day to day life irrespective whether we are at school or gainfully employed in a job. The thought of a vacation is excellent, but unless you know how to avoid the steep costs of a planned vacation. You may end up regretting the decision itself.

Some of the factors that need special attention during your vacation are given hereunder.

a)  Do not over shoot your budget by shopping excessively for mementos.

Back at home, all your near and dear ones would definitely be looking forward to the souvenirs that you would bring them from your travel abroad. Since, most travel destinations have well organized souvenir shops falling one over the other to offer their wares to you, use your sense of discretion in selecting your gifts. Settle for mementos from the local markets instead of museums and other hot tourist spots so that you can buy them cheaper. The ideal souvenir shopping should be done in market organized by the local farmers. Here you can buy beautiful flavors of coffee or dairy products like cheese.

b)  Visit restaurants only on alternative days

When on a holiday, a major part of your bankroll is eaten up by your forays into expensive restaurants with large budgets. Basically, you would save over 50% of your food expenses if you visit the restaurants only on alternate days. An ideal way to save money would be to make your own breakfast of toasted bread or cereal, on supplies that you could pick up cheap at a grocery store, and continue to make sandwiches for your lunch. You would not believe the economy of this tip unless you have tried it. At the same give your family their break at a restaurant every alternate day.

c)  Try the Buses and the Metro rail for economy and convenience

Most of the travelers of today employ a taxi during their sojourn abroad, for sheer convenience and the fact that you easily reach your destination by just telling the taxi driver where to go. This is really an expensive affair, as taxis nowhere in the world are said to come cheap. Most international destinations today, have their buses and metro systems so well organized, that you can very simply look at their timetables and figure out the routes. Take advantage of the concessions in the rates and you will save a great part of your bankroll.

d) Beware of Communication Costs

International calls on your cell phone, with roaming and other facilities are need very expensive, when you take the hidden costs also into account. It would be far simpler to leave your cell phone at home and rely entirely on emails through one of the Internet cafes or easier still make use of the free features of Skype or Yahoo’s messenger, etc., to facilitate an open line with your near and dear ones and business acquaintances, if the need should arise.

e)   Use the Internet to good effect and know your friends and hot-spots before you reach your destination

With the advent of the Internet, socializing even with your travel destinations would bring you useful information about friends you could be there and the cheaper ways of living there. Put your Internet to maximum use and wrest for yourself, the best acquaintances and the cheapest hot-spots.

Make the process of travel a pleasure by using the foregoing five tips to save money on your travel and live to remember your holidays well spend and on a comfortable budget.

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  1. Well,thanks for your aussome tips.I shall use these tricks for my my money saving.so again thanks a lot.

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