5 Tips To Cut Food Expenses When Traveling

5 Tips To Cut Food Expenses When TravelingTraveling can be very expensive, especially if everyone in the family hits the road. Aside from transportation and accommodation, you also have to think of your food. Are you going to eat out or shop and prepare your own meals? Surely, it will take a lot of thinking to come up with a budget savvy plan and ensure that your food won’t break the bank. Here’s our list of practical tips to help you cut your food expenses while you’re on the road.

1. Shop at the Grocery Store

It really takes guts to save money on food while you’re traveling. If you are staying a hotel, you may want to ask the manager or staff if you could use the kitchen facility to cook in. If it’s OK, hit the local market or grocery store and shop all the items that you need, like what you usually do at home. You can use the money that you’ve saved on food to pay for your visits on different attractions or shopping for souvenirs that travel guides are talking about.

2. Eat the Local Way

Although a contemporary traveler would surely want to feel like a one-day millionaire and splurge on eating at the town’s most expensive resto, you have to think in a more practical manner. After all, you can always eat at a high class hub at home. What you shouldn’t miss is the chance of eating at local eateries that serve native dishes you won’t try out anywhere else. They offer better mileage to your budget and will definitely stretch the limits of your taste buds. Ask your hotel’s concierge or check online and you’ll find dozens of local eateries that capture everyone’s palate.

3. Go For Accommodations With Complimentary Breakfasts

Pick bed & breakfasts, inns, boarding houses and hotels that offer complimentary breakfasts. This will ease your worries of spending on your first meal. If no complimentary breakfast is offered, hit the nearest local bakery rather than dine at the hotel’s restaurant, which could be pretty expensive.

4. Eat Lunch At Restaurants Instead of Dinners

If you really want to experience fine dining while traveling, at least, do it at lunchtime, not on dinner. The prices of food are way cheaper on lunch and you’ll even save more when you share an entrée or choose rather light and inexpensive but satisfying meal. Salads, sandwiches and soup will be fine.

5. Prepare Food at Home Before Hitting the Road

If you are frequently traveling and hitting the road, it would be a great investment to buy a handy yet sturdy cooler, where you can store and keep your homemade sandwiches, chips, crackers and juice fresh until everyone gets hungry. Avoid eating salty food because it will only make your even thirstier. Instead, opt for cheaper, organic and healthy produce, like lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. Don’t forget to bring chopped garlic, onions, peppers, and other cooking ingredients if you plan to stay at a cabin or apartment. It’s more convenient to cook away from home when everything you need is just a hand away.


Manilyn Moreno is a freelance writer. Currently, she’s writing for Better Cater, a catering software company. She takes interest in sharing her passions through writing. She is passionate in cooking, baking, doing yoga, and traveling.

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