5 Tips for Dressing Your Kids Right during Summer Vacation

Summer Travel Clothes for KidsDressing the kids during the summer vacation is much easier than other times of the year, with warm temperatures and thus less clothing needed. However, it is important to consider several things when dressing the kids during summer vacation.

Clothing the kids during the hot days of summer vacation bears a few considerations:

1.Keeping cool

In the opinion of most kids, the less clothing the better during summer vacation. Lightweight t-shirts and shorts are often the uniform of choice, both in preference for the kids and in keeping them cool. Cotton or cotton blends are typically the best fabric for good air flow. If your kids prefer to wear swimsuits during summer, make sure to keep sunscreen applied often. Recommend they wear a t-shirt if they aren’t swimming in pools to prevent sunburns.

2. Budget conscious

Families are always considering the family budget when shopping for clothes for the kids. Summer vacation is no exception. The good news is that summer play time clothing is often inexpensive, especially if you pay attention and catch the sale times at various stores and online. If you shop at the beginning and end of the season, clothes are often less expensive.

3. Comfort is key

Anytime of the year, kids will insist on clothing that is comfortable. On summer vacation, often bathing suits or snug fitting shorts are popular and, for some kids, these fits are not comfortable. Uncomfortable kids means cranky kids, so be sure your child’s clothing fits well and is comfortable to him or her. Dressing the entire family cool and comfortable, such as putting the boys in shirts from the Reem clothing men’s t-shirts section, will help keep everyone happy this summer vacation.

4. Swimsuits

Most kids are going to get wet a lot on summer vacation, whether they are swimming, splashing about or enjoying water guns, water balloons and other such wet fun. Be sure the swimsuits fit well enough to be comfortable and are not so baggy that they will get caught on pool ladders, chairs and the occasional tree branch. Reapply sunscreen several times a day if kids will be outside for more than one hour.

5. Every day wear

Stock up on inexpensive clothes you don’t mind seeing get wet, dirty or even torn. Doing this allows the kids to run and play without regard for keeping clothing from damage. Most kids don’t consider this anyway, but at least it will be without you worrying about the cost of replacing good clothing. So save some old clothes for your kids to play and get dirty in when they want to run around or get messy.

The most important thing about summer vacation is to have a blast and make wonderful memories. Keeping clothing light and comfortable goes a long way in summer time fun.

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