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5 Sydney Attractions You Should Photograph

Seeking out the most brilliantly alluring urban and natural landscapes to photograph? Head “down under” to Australia’s most populated and diverse city; Sydney lies on a coastal basin in between the Pacific Ocean and the Blue Mountains, making it a photographer’s dream. Surrounded by so much culture and variety makes choosing the perfect photo attractions a difficult task. Below is a list of 5 Sydney attractions that a photographer will not want to miss!

1. Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour, Australia

The famous Sydney Harbour is known to most everyone in the world through photographs. Take in the panorama of the one of a kind Sydney Opera House and majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge. The view from Kirribilli or right off the water looking into Sydney is one of the most breathtakingly modern, urban landscapes in the world. Here contemporary, dynamic architecture meets the tranquility of the bay, and the possibilities are endless.

2. Bondi Beach

Sunset at Bondi Beach

One of the most popular surf spots in the world, Bondi beach is sure to intrigue some action shots. Crowds of Aussie’s and tourists hit the beach looking for some fun and sun. Take the Tamarama Walk and experience miles of pure, white sand beaches and crystal blue water. Surrounded by nature, the walk is host to the famous ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ annual exhibition; for those fortunate enough to see it, the man-made sculpture in the natural environment makes for interesting subject matter and composition.

3. Blue Mountains

Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, Australia

Found in the higher altitude of the Blue Mountain range, several panoramic landscape opportunities are available to photographers. “The Three Sisters” is a famous landmark, rising over 900 meters tall at Echo Point Katoomba; this three tiered rock formation represents the Aboriginal legend of three sisters, who were turned to stone by a witch doctor to protect them from battling tribes. After experience the fresh air, take the chance to photograph the inside of the oldest caverns in the world at Jenolan Caves; with amazing rock striations since the beginning of time, these caves are truly a unique photographing experience.

4. The Gap at Watsons Bay

The Gap at Watsons Bay

Adjacent to Watsons Bay is a flat, wave cut, cliffy ledge, otherwise known as “The Gap”. Home to spectacular ocean views, vibrant sunrises and sunsets are a photographer’s dream in this location. The Gap is notoriously seen as the “suicide” cliff, due to the high number of people jumping or falling to their death; a place so beautiful and, yet, so sad is sure to evoke some emotional pictures.

5. Luna Park

Luna Park Ferris Wheel, Sydney, Australia

Last on the list is Luna Park. Sydney’s amusement park since 1935, Luna Park welcomes you with huge smiling faces to be entertained with carnival rides, games, music and shows; the circus, full of interesting characters, inspires a sense of nostalgia for all. Particularly at night, Luna Park’s colored, moving lights against the black, night sky will create interesting shapes and compositions for photographers.

So there it is, 5 Sydney attractions to get your photo tour started! Remember, art can be made anywhere the artist feels inspired, so take these suggestions, and keep your eyes opened; more incredible photo attractions lurk around every corner.

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