5 Steps to Minimize Stress Abroad

Travel PackgeTraveling abroad is an exciting thing to do, and something that you should probably have on your bucket list. Though it’s not as easy as just waving a magic wand and having a perfect vacation – there are a lot of things to consider. One primary concern you might have is your stress level. This can be caused by many things, including the idea of traveling by plane, boat or train, being in a new culture, feeling isolated, or anything in between. But fear not! There are ways to minimize your stress while traveling and ways to ensure it’s as low as possible even before you board your flight.

1. Get in control

A lot of time, stress and fear comes from a sense that you lack any control in your environment, because you’re not sure what’s going on. Hone in on small things you know you can control and work on those as a sense of stability and consistency in your chaotic new temporary lifestyle.

2. The “I Will Find A Way” Mantra

Whenever you get into a situation where you have no idea what the outcome might be, or if you’re scared you’re going to make a wrong turn or a wrong choice, repeat to yourself that no matter what happens you’ll always be able to find a way through it. Put yourself in a mental state of thinking that you will be able to handle anything.  You can handle anything.

3. Have a support system

Whether this be online, via phone, or in person, have someone you can talk to. This always helps when you’re stressed, need a distraction, or just need general support or want to share your story.

4. Stay away from the negative

Don’t dwell on the scary or unwelcoming. Try to detach yourself from what makes you truly uncomfortable, and focus on all of the positive experiences you’re having and try to steer towards similar situations so that you aren’t stuck somewhere you don’t want to be again.

5. Make sure you have your travel insurance in order.

It might seem minor, but knowing your plan in case of emergency or unforeseeable circumstances will give you one less thing to worry about. Make sure your travel insurance allows for cancellation or other coverage you might need. Also buy it early in case anything should happen that would cause a problem in purchasing it closer to your deadline. Not having travel insurance is a stress in itself, so do everything you can to get it! Also compare different coverage options and quotes, as well as carefully looking over everything from the exclusions, coverage limits, optional coverage for special circumstances, and trip details. You can do all of this during an insurance’s “free-look period” of 10-15 days, which allows you to review the plan details in-depth after purchasing your travel insurance.

Stress can ruin a trip. Don’t let it ruin yours. Always make sure you have everything figured out and planned. Don’t worry too much, and most importantly, have fun!

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