5 Reasons You Should Purchase Travel Insurance

Departures BoardIn a perfect world, all vacation plans would go flawlessly and travelers would have the ideal experience every time they go on a holiday. Unfortunately, things can and often do go awry with trip plans. Common issues that arise before travelers can even board a flight range from sick family members to natural disasters, which is why having traveler’s insurance is a necessity. Here are five major problems that can put a damper on your trip that can be remedied by purchasing a good travel insurance policy.

Trip Cancellation

Although it seems unlikely that you will cancel your trip while you are booking it, there are many situations that could occur between booking and departure that might cause this to be necessary. Some of these situations are:

• Natural disasters

• Pregnancy

• Sick children or family members

• Death in the family

• International or domestic conflicts

There is no predicting natural disasters, and when they strike, there may be no other alternative to cancellation. On rare occasions, some travel agencies may make exceptions and refund part of the purchase price, but the safest way to protect against this issue, is to purchase travel insurance. Conflicts and uprisings are occurring around the world, and if your destination is to one of these locations, trip insurance can allow you to change destinations.

If you book a vacation several months in advance, an unexpected pregnancy can put a damper on plans, especially if the due date is around the corner. Many airlines will not allow pregnant women to fly after the 8th month of pregnancy, and an insured trip will be refundable if this incident arises.

Children that become infected with communicable illnesses such as chicken pox, will not be allowed to fly for a specified amount of time after contracting the illness. These regulations exist in order to prevent spreading the illness to others, and this unexpected event can cause troubles for trip plans. If the unexpected death of a loved one occurs, you may be required to cancel your vacation, and travel companies will not refund monies due to this type of event.

Illness or Injury During a Trip

While on vacation, accidents can happen at any time, and depending on whether you are traveling within the country or abroad, your standard medical insurance may or may not offer coverage for incidents. Because you and your family will be in a different environment while vacationing, you will be exposed to different foods and a plethora of people, which are prime opportunities for an illness to strike. Also, if you will be driving an automobile then it is definitely a wise choice to get a good travel car insurance policy to protect yourself from accidents, vandalism, or natural disasters.

Also, consider the type of activities you will be participating in on your trip. Destinations such as ski resorts create situations that can result in bodily injury, and medical expenses can run quite high for such accidents. By purchasing travel insurance before taking a trip, you can rest assured that your family will be covered for illnesses and accidents. The agency that sold you the policy will also assist you in finding adequate medical care within your destination.

Flight Rescheduling

Without trip insurance, rescheduling a flight can be costly, and rescheduling a flight can become necessary for a variety of reasons including:

• Missed flights

• Canceled flights

• Personal delays

Personal issues may surface that will only require a day or two to resolve, and you may need to reschedule your airline flight, as opposed to canceling the entire trip. Perhaps you are running late or hit traffic on the way to the airport and missed your flight entirely.

It is common for flights to be canceled or delayed by the airline due to plane malfunctions or maintenance issues. Instead of having to wait for hours for your flight to become functional, you may want to reschedule the flight. All of these issues can be handled with ease by simply purchasing a travel insurance package to complement your vacation plans.

Lost or Stolen Luggage

When luggage becomes misplaced by the airline or is stolen at any point during a vacation, it can be disastrous for the owner. Those with a travel insurance policy will discover how valuable these policies can be. Typical policies will provide immediate reimbursement that will allow travelers to obtain adequate clothing and hygiene necessities that will allow them to complete their trip comfortably.

Another great aspect of travel insurance policies is that if any medications or documents are lost when these incidents occur, an agent will assist in getting the medication and documents replaced as soon as possible. These policies also typically cover stolen purses and wallets, which is a common occurrence in certain destinations.

Cost of Insurance Versus Cost of Incidents

The price of travel insurance is quite reasonable, and on average costs four to eight percent of the price of the vacation package. Because these policies cover such a variety of extenuating circumstances, they are well worth the investment. One incident that requires medical attention, luggage replacement, or rescheduling, will cost much more to remedy than the price of the entire policy. This is one of the strongest reasons that exhibits how wise an investment in a travel insurance policy can be to travelers.

Because predicting the future is impossible, consider purchasing one of the many travel insurance policies that are available. This will ensure that you and your family are protected against unforeseen circumstances, and will provide you with peace of mind that will allow you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest extent possible.

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