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5 Places to Party in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo knows how to party. Its famed nightlife is known around the world for its love of music and late, late nights – locals in Sao Paulo begin their night when the clock strikes midnight.  Apart from the inevitable AM drinking sessions, Sao Paulo offers a smorgasbord of party options from dance clubs to lavish bars and live music. So if you’ve booked your cheap flights to Sao Paulo and are ready to let loose, be sure to check out these five places to party in Sao Paulo.

5 Places to Party in Sao Paulo

Café Piu Piu

Since the early 1980s Café Piu Piu has attracted a vivacious crowd with its live and energetic music. The dance hotspot is best known for its jazz tunes, but can mix it up with a number of genres including rock, blues, samba, bossa-nova and event tango. Even the bar tenders get into the dance atmosphere by pulling moves while pouring drinks.

Skye Bar

Overlooking the city skyline, Skye Bar is where Sao Paulo’s glamour set head to drink cocktails by the pool. Yes, as if the breathtaking views weren’t enough, the rooftop bar also has a pool where guests can enjoy a wasabi martini or two in. Inside is a dance floor to groove on if the mood strikes you, as well as a restaurant headed by French celebrity chef Emmanuel Bassole.


For a traditional Sao Paulo party experience, Azucar is the home of salsa and meringue. Around midnight on any given night you will find locals dancing up a storm.  If you feel your Latino dance skills aren’t quite up to scratch, the club offers free dance lessons, although there is a drink minimum which usually attracts an older crowd.

Pink Elephant

Originally the height of the New York social scene, Pink Elephant left the Big Apple to party in Sao Paulo. Since its arrival the locals haven’t been able to get enough of the club’s decadence. Champagne bubbles are served by the bucket load, while guests enjoy red carpet service and glowing pink décor. Even the bathrooms at the Pink Elephant are plush as guests are treated to hair and makeup touch-ups with Dior beauty products.

Love City

Techno music lovers will love Love City. This Sao Paulo icon is one of the city’s most famous clubs, regularly hosting international djs who put on high energy shows. Love City is living, dancing proof of the adage ‘go hard or go home’ opening at midnight each night and pulsating well into the morning – on Saturday nights the club shuts at midday on Sunday.

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