5 Must-See Islands in the Pacific

Many people think of the Caribbean when they think of beautiful, untouched beaches, but the Pacific is arguably the best place in the world to find a variety of gorgeous islands. Whether you’re looking for white sandy beaches, great scenery, or just a tropical oasis with great hiking options, the Pacific Ocean has everything you’re looking for.

Niue Island


Every year on the tiny island of Niue, humpback whales migrate to breed and calve in the gentle warm water and did you looking for something a little bit more interactive than seeing these magnificent creatures from the zodiac. There is always the option of a snorkeling expedition for about $95. You are able to gain a first-hand understanding of these gentle giants, the snorkeling excursions are possible. >From July through October, the island of Niue is tailor-made for exploring with magnificent sandy beaches, a fabulously terrifying rocky coastline sea caves and hidden swimming holes, there is something to suit just about everyone’s adventure level, even if it’s just sitting on the beach printed the sun gods.

Anchorage Island, Cook Islands

Cook Islands

If water is not your particular forte, but you still want to enjoy the great outdoors of the Pacific Islands. Then maybe hiking in the Cook Islands is for you, at the top of Rarotonga’s “needle” which to reach you will have to climb 413 m. don’t worry, the effort is worth it at the top you will find the lagoon. Straight out of Treasure Island or Robinson Crusoe, a dip and it’s invitingly warm waters is just the thing needed to work the tensions of tired muscles. After such an invigorating and scenic hike, to reach the base you will have to travel through many lush valleys with exotic tropical trees and all the smells that one would expect to come from the jungle vegetation papayas bananas. The whole experience will be a workout for the senses. Guided hikes can be had for around $60 a climb up the needle takes about 40 to 45 minutes.

Bounty Island Beach, Fiji


For those adventurous travelers who hear the stories about the exotic islands of Fiji and dream of going there, a village home stay might be just the ticket for you, Namatakula is a sleepy coastal village, where rugby is king and every young boy dreams of making it in the Australian professional leagues. What better way to get to know as much as you possibly can about a particular culture than by living with them and interacting with them on a daily basis and doing exactly what the locals do. Seeing their land through their eyes, what could be a more rewarding experience them at home stays in Fiji. Typically run about 130 Fiji dollars per person, with meals. But for that price, you get home-cooked meals and an extended family for the duration of your vacation.

Manono Island, Samoa


If Samoa is one of those exotic places you’ve heard about through the travel grapevine and have stuck somewhere in the back of your mind, now is the time to bring it to the forefront. There are plenty of great to live out your fantasies. As one of the great lost explorers of the 20s and 30s, and if you’re not afraid to get a little wet underwater cave exploration might be what you’re looking for to satisfy your inner explorer, the underwater tunnels connecting these pools feature some fantastic examples of what caves are supposed to look like according to the collective imagination. This is not something that should be taken lightly. If you’re claustrophobic, and anyway, it is probably best to stay on the surface, any ocean trench. You will see food bets nesting on the ceiling caves dragons live the life they are going to go in the dark, and a myriad of other entertaining, subterranean creatures and rock formations.

Approaching Eton, Efate, Vanuatu


If scuba diving is what you’re after, then you definitely want to check out Vanuatu where you can die on the wreck of the SS Pres. Coolidge in the 200 m long ship that lays on its side. And yet is inviting and imposing at the same time. It was sunk by a friendly mine, 70 years ago and is still full of its cargo and military ordinances, medicine bottles egg sacks, and everything else, expected to sport a troop transport. Is there as though it’s expecting to be unpacked and put into service at any moment, an experience like this should be on the bucket list of any serious diver.

So, whether it be sandy beaches, exploring caves were climbing mountains or spending some quality time with the local population. There is an island in the Pacific that will suit any seasoned travelers. Ideal concept of a vacation, one just has to keep an open mind and be willing to go where the path leads them. Rather than where they think they need to go.

Author Bio: Drew C. works for an insurance comparison website where you can buy insurance for all your travel needs. When he isn’t working, Drew loves to read, watch sports, and spend time with his family.
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