5 Must See Attractions in Marrakech

Magical Marrakech is a destination that will delight, thrill and excite visitors. The North African state is a myriad of enticing smells and visual treats, creating a truly unique destination and a must visit. Despite its reputation as a busy city, Marrakech can also be an oasis of tranquility with its many spa’s and traditional hammams. With so much to see, where do you visit…

Jemma El Fna by Day

Jemaa El Fna By Day

The Jemma El Fna Market is the heartbeat of Marrakech and this cultural melting pot is vibrant from sunrise all the way through to sunset.  In the early hours of the day the square builds an exciting atmosphere with an array of unique Moroccan entertainment. Expect to find snake charmers, fortune tellers and traditional tooth pullers. Marrakech holidays offer  culinary delight and the Jemma El Fna square is perfect for falling in love with the food, highly recommended is the fresh orange juice or a mint tea at one of the many surround cafés.

Insider Tip – The Jemma El Fna Square is a busy place, however there are extended spells of absence during the religious festival Ramadan and during the hottest days of Summer.

Food Sellers at Djemaa el-Fna

Jemma El Fna By Night

When the sun sets in Marrakech the Jemma El Fna becomes an open air restaurant to rival any in the world. The hustle and bustle is turned up a notch as amazing aromas of grilled meat and Moroccan spices fill the air. There is a maze of market stalls to explore and enjoy, with traditional tangines, kebabs and couscous to taste and savour. Alternatively if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle there is a wide choice of terrace bars that let you enjoy amazing views of market.

Insider Tip – There is a lot of food stalls to choose from. If there is a queue do not be put off, that is usually a sign of a good food stall!

Riad Barokko

The Riads of Marrakech

Riads are luxurious guest houses that offer affordable accommodation in Marrakech. These guesthouses are an oasis of traditional morocco and luxury. Guests experience ture serenity away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, with indoor courtyard pools, palm trees and scattered rose petals adorning the traditional fixtures and architecture. With Riads offering only five or six rooms they are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of central Marrakech.

Insider TipThe Riads in Marrakech are often run by locals that are often more than willing to help, use that knowledge to bypass crowds and explore Marrakech like the locals. 

The Souks of Marrakech

The souks of Marrakech offer a truly unique shopping experience and a chance to sharpen your haggling skills. The souks are a myriad of fascinating side stalls located on the outskirts of the Jemma El Fna, offering everything from local upholstery to fragrant herbs and spices to purchase. The souks really do give visitors a taste of what makes Marrakech special, shop the way the locals do and experience the vibrancy of the shopping alleyways that are centuries old.

Insider Tip – The area covered by the souks is not large, if you do find yourself lost follow local instructions and you will always find yourself back at the Jemma El Fna Square.

The Majorelle Gardens

The beautiful Majorelle Gardens are the lasting legacy of Jacques Majorelle who considered himself a ‘Gardenist’. Unfortunately the wondrous Gardens fell into disrepair after his death, luckily the gardens were saved by world famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent. Today the gardens shine in the Moroccan sun with a beautiful display of plants, water features and local architecture. The blue buildings on the plot are one of the most striking sights and historical in Marrakech.

Insider Tip – Like much of Marrakech the Majorelle Gardens are small in size, visitors will enjoy a more peaceful tour earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon.

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