The 5 Most Unique Casinos in the World

How does one possibly find the five most unique casinos in a business that is known for continually one-upping the competition? Casinos are always trying innovative ways to attract new gamblers, or doing so unintentionally. Here are five examples of how outrageous a casino can be!


A World of Slots –  Venetian Macao

Venetian Macao

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It would be a mistake to begin a list of unique casinos with anything other than the Venetian Macao. Opened in 2007, the Venetian is the single largest casino in the world, almost 600,000 square feet in size. Besides the 3,000+ slot machines spread throughout the gambling floor of the gambling behemoth, there are also more than 800 tables on the casino floor. Oh, tired of gambling? Feel free to take a gondola ride, compliments of the casino.

The Pop-Up Casino

From the largest casino in the world, to the smallest. Open for exactly 8 hours in April earlier this year, this 400-square-foot casino consisted of fewer than twenty video poker machines. In it’s short life span, it was never even given a name. The reason for this short-lived casino was simple: to maintain the unrestricted gambling zoning on a small, asphalt lot across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center, a zoning designation that makes the piece of property extremely valuable. Sadly, not one person showed up to gamble at the nameless casino.

Margaritaville Casino in Las Vegas

Margaritaville Casino, Las Vegas

There have been some strange and very specific themes for casino resorts, and this is among them. On October 1, the Flamingo hotel-resort in Las Vegas opened Margaritaville Casino, a Jimmy-Buffet-themed gambling paradise. While the Flamingo was already home to the Margaritaville Restaurant, the new casino will feature a broad range of Parrothead (and “Parakeet”) offerings. Because Jimmy Buffet isn’t enough of a draw alone, the Flamingo will also mark the occasion by mixing the largest margarita in the world, a massive drink that will contain around 2,500 gallons of tequila.

Beam Me Up, Dealer –  Star Trek

Though it ceased operation in 2008, wiped out after a major face-lift, the Las Vegas Hilton was home to Star Trek: The Experience, a Star-Trek-themed hotel and casino on the downtown strip. While it got a bit dated, the casino was very popular for a long time, and was finally abandoned due to declining attendance. The casino was considered highly technological when it was initially introduce, but there were a number of other attractions also, including a “4-D” ride, and a family-friendly hotel.

Welcome to the Future – Miami

One of the newest planned casinos in the world is being built in Miami. Though the mega-structure doesn’t yet have a name for the new casino, one reviewer, after studying the artist renderings of the new building, aptly described the casino as “something out of The Jetsons.” The Malaysian firm building the casino has announced intentions to invest over $3 billion in the project. Though the casino is contingent on approval by the Florida government, it would be one of the largest casino-resorts in the world, and feature a roof-top beach, completed with sand and surf.


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