5 Island Paradises You’ve Never Heard Of

If you are looking to get away to an island paradise, but do not want to deal with the all the normal vacation crowds, then consider going to one of the lesser known tropical islands. While they might not come with all the Bond-esque glamor of the Bahamas, their secluded and untrammeled charm should more than make up for it!

1. Secret Beach, Kauai Hawaii is filled with great locations to spend your vacation, but there is still at least one place that is free of the crowds and tourist activity. Set on the northern coast of Kauai, the Secret Beach is secluded on an island that is only three percent developed (the rest of Kauai is natural forest and tropical landscapes). The Secret Beach offers many great recreational activities including scuba diving and snorkeling in pristine waters, playing golf along the coast with amazing views, as well as horseback riding and hiking. There are five resorts located in Princeville, a ten minute drive from your hideaway in Secret Beach. You can get to Kauai easily by plane from Honolulu and travel around the island can be done by vehicle. Kauai is a very relaxed island and the Secret Beach offers you ultimate accommodations without the typical tourist environment. This is a great place to get away.

2. Jellyfish Lake, Palau Get away to the little known island of Palau in the South Pacific. East of the Philippines Islands, Jellyfish Lake on Palau is a very secluded part of the island that offers hotels, resorts and bungalows so you can relax in a comfortable vacation hideaway. Jellyfish Lake offers many things to do including touring the island of Palau, visiting the cultural centers, experiencing native cuisine and much more. Palau is accessible by airplane from Hawaii, Tokyo or the Philippines by Continental Airlines. There are several car rental agencies on the island so you can rent your own car to get around easily. You can also rent bicycles to get a more intimate and up close view of the island. The waters off Palau are often called part of the Underwater Wonders of the World and offer ample opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as for dolphin encounters and kayaking.

3. The Island of Niue Located northeast of New Zealand in the South Pacific, the island of Niue is an amazing destination for your next vacation. The island is only one hundred square miles in size, with a population of under 1500 people, but offers everything you could want in an island paradise. Niue has great recreational activities like swimming with dolphins and whales, underwater cavern diving, hiking in tropical forests and much more. Niue is particularly known for its network of underwater caverns and crystal blue waters. Niue offers many comfortable accommodations including motel rooms, the Matavai resort hotel, and the Namukulu Cottages & Spa. There are also a number of guest houses available to lease while you are in Niue. Getting to the island is fairly easy when traveling by plane from Auckland, New Zealand. Once on the island, there are car rental agencies available to rent a vehicle. When it comes to dining, there are several European and Polynesian style restaurants around the island that offer traditional island cuisine as well as other delicacies.

4. Los Roques Set in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela, Los Roques is a little known island chain that offers a great vacation experience. Made up of forty coral islands, Los Roques features miles of sandy white beaches and pristine blue waters. Charter boats are available for fishing adventures, and you can take in swimming or scuba diving as well as many other activities. Los Roques is known for its variety of sealife including parrotfish, sharks, red snappers, and barracudas, to name just a few. When you are looking for accommodations in Los Roques, there are several posadas available on the main island of Gran Roque along the beach. El Pelicano Los Roques Resort is a large four room posada with private bathrooms and terraces. Access to the island is available by plane from Venezuela and there are taxis and rental vehicles available on the island. The islands of Los Roques are fantastic for photographers or people who just want to go to a remote island paradise.

5. Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico When you are ready for the ultimate in an island paradise, check out the Isla de Vieques in Puerto Rico. Set in the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea, the Isla de Vieques boasts a number of great activities including swimming, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating and more. The island has miles and miles of sandy white beaches and fantastic lodging. If you want a private home to stay in during your getaway, the Isla de Vieques also offers locations like the Casa Caribe, Casa del Marullo, Casa del Parque and the Casa Esperanza, to name just a few. You can get to the island by taking a plane to Puerto Rico and flying from San Juan International Airport to Isla de Vieques. Car rentals are available to get around the island, as are taxis and public transportation. The Isla de Vieques is a great place for relaxing in the Caribbean Sun and getting away from it all during your island paradise vacation. Whichever one of these islands you choose to spend your vacation in, you’re sure to enjoy its relaxing tropical atmosphere without all the hustle and bustle of more popular destinations. Bon voyage!

Author Bio Geoff has been an avid traveler for his entire life, from the summer vacations of his childhood to backpacking in college and beyond. As a family man himself now, he prefers more relaxing family vacations and has taken a keen interest in fun tropical destinations. Of course, before traveling anywhere, Geoff always picks a good travel insurance plan to protect his family.


  1. I can definitely vouch for Niue – an amazing place! In fact, any of the Pacific Islands are worth a visit!

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