5 Hottest West Coast Wedding Destinations

Couples who want to head out west for their wedding will find no shortage of great wedding venues. From simple to elegant, there are plenty of choices in each state. However, five destination spots top the charts for their unique features.

1. Yachats, Oregon

Haceta Head Lighthouse

This small town has one thing that is very rare on this side of the country’s coastline. Heceta Head Lighthouse is a rare gem because it is one of the few surviving lighthouses on the west coastline is used for special events. At an age of over 100 years, it sits majestically on a flat green stretch of land ending in a cliff, which overlooks the ocean. There is plenty of space for outdoor seating, and guests are welcome to stay at the bed and breakfast on site. Since this venue is so popular for nuptials, it is crucial to reserve it as far in advance as possible.

2. Catalina Island, California

Avalon Hotel

Catalina Island is one of Southern California’s finest treasures. Although there are several great locations for a wedding on this island, the Avalon Hotel is one of the top choices. Since it has the capacity to seat 30 or 300 guests comfortably, the venue is a versatile choice. The Avalon Hotel is a luxurious venue, so it is perfect for brides who want a dream wedding with the ocean as a backdrop.

3. Victoria, British Columbia

Inn at Laurel Point

There are two especially exceptional venues in Victoria. The Inn at Laurel Point is a charming hotel that is best for smaller wedding parties. It is situated on the water in the bay, so it offers a spectacular backdrop for a wedding celebration. For larger wedding parties, the Brentwood Bay Resort tops the list. This venue has fine cuisine, a pub, great accommodations and breathtaking ceremony locations.

4. Jacksonville, Oregon

Jacksonville Inn

Couples who want to mix luxury with rustic charm will love this city’s most famous wedding venue. The Jacksonville Inn is historic and attractive. It offers plenty of accommodations for any size of guest list. There are also quaint honeymoon cottages on the property for newlywed couples to enjoy. This hotel offers five different settings for varying sizes of gatherings. Couples may even arrange for a horse-drawn carriage to whisk them away from their ceremony.

5. Seaview, Washington

Shelburne Inn

This is one of the best locations for a seaside wedding. Couples may enjoy sharing their vows with an ocean sunset as their backdrop. Beach weddings are not the only choice available. In addition to the beach as a venue, there are several other indoor locations available. One of the best is the Shelburne Inn. This inn is the perfect choice for couples who have a guest list under 50. It is a historical location, and the atmosphere is so unique that it is definitely worth mentioning.

There are certainly plenty of other great locations along the western coastline. The key to reserving one of these venues is planning in advance and being persistent.


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