5 Big Secrets Travel Agencies Don’t Want You to Discover

If you’ve read articles on tips to save when you are on vacation, they probably have the same old line of thinking: find cheap hotels, rent a car, bring your own water bottles etc. Yes, these are all true, but there are five secrets that when you read them will make so much sense, you’ll wonder why you didn’t find them earlier.

Secrets of Travel Agencies

Why insist on flying?

Let’s face it, when the word ‘vacation’ or ‘travel’ comes into your mind, the first thing you do is start looking for flights. Truth is, flying is not always the cheapest means of transportation! We fail to take into consideration these facts about going by air:

  • You have to be at the airport at least 2 hours early
  • You probably will have to travel a distance to get to and from the airport
  • Flight delays are common
  •  You have to spend time sorting out your baggage, tickets etc

Buses and trains on the other hand are very accessible, they allow you to relax and save your panic and they even offer a lot of discounts if you travel with kids!

Why stay at a hotel?

Again, out of habit, hotels are the places you always want to secure reservations for. We forget to think and search for all the other options like:

  • Home swapping where you get in touch with a family that wants to swap homes with you for  a while
  • Renting apartments which have complete necessities such as a washing machine, kitchen and the like. This way you can cook your own food, do your own laundry and feel at home!

Why eat at a restaurant?

Room service and fancy restaurants cost a fortune especially if you are in an ‘expensive’ kind of city. There are a few other options that are not only far cheaper but allow you to really experience the culture of the place.

  • Eat where the Locals Eat. Though you would always need to be careful as to hygiene, eating local food in local places can add to your vacation experience not to mention save you lots.
  • Cook your own food and eat outdoors. If you rent a fully furnished apartment with a kitchen, you could buy ingredients at the local supermarket and cook it at home. To add to the adventure, pack your lunch and take it to one of the scenic spots for a picnic.

Why use taxis or rent cars?

Wherever you are-taxis are always more expensive than the local public transportation so why not buy a map, practice a few native phrases and use the normal means of transportation?  Buses, trains, carts or whatever local transportation is used can be a totally new experience on its own.

For those who have doubts, you can always plan ahead-familiarize yourself with the place using Google Maps before you go on vacation. And if you do get lost, well, just make a friend and ask for directions!

Why buy expensive gadgets for entertainment?

For those with kids, travel can be a very tedious experience and having a few gadgets around can keep the kids entertained and behaved. Still, there is no need to really invest in these fancy ‘toys’. Books, card and board games and other creative forms of entertainment are far educational and cost less.

Indeed, why oh why do all these things right? The next time you travel, forget about ‘traveling in style’ and travel smart while having fun with your adventurous money saving ventures.


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