5 Best Travel Options for Those Recovering From Addictions

Eager for a vacation but unwilling to sacrifice your progress? Take the 12-step program with you when you experience the beauty, relaxation, and excitement of one of these five vacation options.

1. Drug Rehab: 12 Palms Recovery Center


Image via Flickr by MarkGregory007

If you feel the need to begin or return to a rehab center, then 12 Palms is an ideal spot to do so. One of the things that make this drug detox program so effective is its focus on incorporating recovery into your relationships and life. In addition to offering a holistic take on addiction recovery, the center is located in beautiful and sunny Florida, perfect for soaking up the sun, and enjoying the outdoors.

2. Beach Vacation: Oceana Surf


Image via Flickr by mikebaird

Enjoy the sun and waves of California, or Mexico in a rejuvenating, and inspirational environment. Perfect for small groups, these vacations have a varied schedule that include surfing, yoga, hiking, cultural adventures, art or dance workshops, and plenty more. Whether you’re a new surfer, or an experienced one, Oceana Surf is dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources you need to enjoy the waves while enjoying others’ company. On top of surfing and hiking, there’s also plenty of beach time for swimming and tanning.

3. Adventure Tourism: Bhutan


Image via Flickr by Goran Hoglund

Ready to stretch yourself to your physical limit? The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan offers a breathtaking mix of natural beauty, and demanding trails, perfect for the adventurous traveler. Challenging trails take you overnight into the mountains, while more moderate trails travel between the mountains and small villages. You can choose the length of your adventure — whatever you choose is sure to show you bits of everyday life in the Himalayas, in addition to plenty of old ruins. The peaceful and unspoiled beauty of the landscape is the perfect place to find yourself before going back home, ready for a new start.

4. Cruises: In This Life Cruises


Image via Flickr by Cycling Man

Several companies offer sober cruises, but In This Life may have the best schedules and events. Spend a few weeks in Greece around the Mediterranean, or enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds Tahiti. These cruises involve great speakers, conferences, as well as luxurious rooms and plenty of fun things to do. You can enjoy the spa, tan on the deck, or spend all your time exploring the cruise’s many stops and destinations. An encouraging group with inspirational speakers and leaders, makes these vacations even more fantastic.

5. Resorts: Fourth Dimension Resorts


Image via Flickr by ElCapitan

Located in the region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, this coastal resort offers acres of secluded space in a drug and alcohol free environment. Spend your days swimming in the Pacific, relaxing on the porch, or exploring the Costa Rican rainforest. You can also relax by the pool or enjoy the wildlife (which includes monkeys, exotic birds, and huge iguanas). For even more encouragement and accountability, five AA meetings are available every week.

The growing market for sober vacations means everyone can find the vacation they’d enjoy. What vacation are you looking forward to the most?

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