5 Best Caribbean Cruises

Have you ever wanted to experience the vibrant and laidback environment of a beautiful Caribbean island?  Dreamt about relaxing in the sun whilst enjoying the views of the beach and calm waters? By heading out on a Caribbean cruise, you can do just that and more. A journey to the Caribbean is perfect for those wanting to visit a new and exciting destination and be able to simply sit back and take in the sights.

Here are the top five destinations for the Caribbean.

1. Jamaica


The first thing you think of when deciding where to go on any Caribbean cruise is the island of Jamaica. The warm temperatures coupled alongside the unique activities you can do allows you to have a truly authentic Caribbean experience. With activities like jungle river tubing, rum and sugar-making tours and horse-riding, this is a cruise destination not to be missed.

If you prefer to do a lot more exploring during your holidays, there is nothing better than taking the chairlift tour of Jamaica’s truly stunning rainforest.

2. Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman

The Grand Cayman has one of the best attractions of the Caribbean with the spectacular Seven-Mile Beach, a long coral-sand beach known for its beauty and Stingray City, a place where visitors can interact with the creatures of the deep. Grand Cayman is more of an exciting destination to visit as you can seek thrills and explore the wild.

Enjoy some shopping and dining at five-star restaurants whilst you’re there, or experience some of the world’s best swimming with stingrays. There really is plenty to explore on the biggest of the three Cayman Islands.

3. St Lucia

Saint Lucia

The island is recognized for its peaceful bliss and calming atmosphere, much like the whole of the Caribbean. What sets St Lucia apart, however, is its fascinating history between the French and British forces. Taking a tour, you can see why it was so desired by visiting the dramatic Soufriere volcano, showing you the island’s full beauty.

The botanical gardens in St Lucia are home to exotic wildlife including parrots and hummingbirds, all set near a waterfall. Above all, the skyline is dominated by the twin peaks of Les Pitons, two volcanic plugs scaling over 700m high.

4. Barbados


The hub of all things party, if you’re looking for worthy cruise deals then make sure you head to Barbados for an experience to remember. Known to be the tourist hot-spot for the Caribbean, you’ll enjoy the luxury of the long white sandy beaches as you get a true taste for tropical paradise.

If you came here to let your hair loose and join in on the fun, the South Coast has all the action, with  St Lawrence Gap the place to be for the liveliest bars and clubs. You can even try your hand at snorkeling, diving and submarine tours.

5. Grenada


Alongside an elegant colonial architecture with tropical plants and mountains surrounding the island, Grenada boasts the label of being one of the world’s largest exports of nutmeg and mace crops, hence the name ‘The Island of Spice’. If you head to Grenada, be sure to try some of their unique Creole cuisine containing these ingredients.

The island truly has it all, from valleys, volcanic craters and lakes to waterfalls, mountains and rainforests. There’s never a moment to be lost when you can snorkel, take boat rides and even explore the deep ocean via scuba diving.

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