4 Romantic Places to Go in Italy

Did you recently get married and are on the lookout for a good honeymoon getaway? Looking out for your next vacation destination with your special someone? If you are looking out for the perfect romantic place to do all these, then Italy just might be your best bet. Deemed as one of the most romantic places in the world, Italy is the most perfect spot for your honeymoon or romantic vacation. This country has always impressed people with its culture and history along with its dreamy and quixotic sights and sounds.

A View of Rome


Otherwise known as the Eternal City, Rome is one of the many places in the country that is teeming with history, heritage, and romance. Check into a small bed and breakfast accommodation, go for coffee breaks together, look for treasures in their markets, and stroll through their clean streets.

There are also so many opportunities to wine and dine in posh restaurants in the city. During the evening, dress up and enjoy food courses of only the finest dishes and wines. Afterwards, you can walk hand in hand through the city or grab a ride and enjoy the beautiful landmarks and ambience of Rome during the hours of the evening.

Canal Grande, Venice, Italy


With its winding canals, narrow streets, and lovely gondolas, Venice sure is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. This small but beautiful city is nothing but a lovers’ paradise. One of the biggest attractions in this city is the Marco Cathedral. Along with this stunning structure are a multitude of piazzas, churches, and squares.

Venice offers lovers with dreamy restaurants where they can have a tasty dinner for two along with romantic cafes where they can have cups of coffee in the afternoon. For a little more fun and excitement, couples can also visit this city for the annual Carnecvale or Mardi gras festivals.

Portofino, Italy


A charming village that amazingly takes the shape of a half-moon, the city of Portofino is best known for its pastel-colored houses, restaurants, and cafes. This city is thought to be the place for the rich and famous but Portofino is so much more than this. Shops, cafes, restaurants, and hotels fill the place up along with avenues for hiking, boating, and diving.

It is located beside the sea so couples can enjoy the pristine waters that house its aquatic life that is teeming with plants and fishes. A romantic castle that sits at the top of a village right next to a tiny church, this fairy tale-like scene would be the perfect place for a romantic stroll. Scenic pathways lead the way to the lighthouse.

Positano, Italy


The scenic town of Positano is built on the face of a cliff, giving visitors breathtaking views of the sea. This city started out as a small fishing village that was a very famous destination for artists and writers. It growing popularity has made it into the fashionable resort that it is now.

Positano is a pedestrian town which means that it is teeming with lots of stairs that surround avenues of beautiful pastel-colored houses along with colorful flowers and vegetation. There are a lot of romantic restaurants in the area that offers the tastiest seafood dishes as lovers dine with the picture-perfect views of the town and sea.

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