4 Must-Do Activities While on a Mediterranean Cruise

A lot of people are under wrong impression that Mediterranean cruises are not that popular. In fact this might come across as a pleasant surprise to a lot of people that it is indeed quite popular and in demand. For all the cruisers in the UK, Mediterranean cruises are quite accessible and one of the best options to go for cruising. The major difference that you can notice is that unlike many other cruise destinations that are highly exotic and glamorous, Mediterranean cruise aims at destinations that are full of and rich in culture, heritage and history. Hence, although the ports are quite accessible due to low air fares, cruising during the summers in a Mediterranean cruise can be one of the majestic experiences of your life. So here is the list of the top most things that you must do to make your trip all more exciting and fun – filled:

The City on Waters – Venice

Venice, Italy

One of the most renowned and popular cities all over the world for its rich culture and architecture is Venice in Italy. It is the capital city of Italy for obvious reasons. It holds the pride of Italy in the various monuments and other artistic works that it holds for its visitors. So while in Venice it is a must to sip a cup of hot coffee in St. Marks Square and visit Gondola. It will be a sin if you do not visit Harry’s Bar where the recipe of one of the most popular cocktails “Bellini” was thought of.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

This is a world renowned edifice located in the Cathedral Square of Pisa. It is popularly known as the “Tower of Pisa” and people from all across the world, especially, visit Pisa to check the inadvertent tilt given to the tower on one side. To reach here, the best thing to do is catch a train or a bus as that will save on a good amount of cost of traveling to this destination and you will get an opportunity to visit one of the most popular architectural marvels in the world. So visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa while in Livorno is a must.

Venture into an Adventure

Santorini, Greece

For all those who love adventure and find it exciting and thrilling, here is something waiting for you. If you are the one who would love to take up the challenging role, then you will get one such chance while you visit Santorini. Yes, for all those luxury and comfort seekers, there is an easy way up the hill available that is the cable car. But for those who want to experience the thrill, getting a donkey ride up the hill can be quite an exciting option. For all the healthy and quick walkers, walking all the 328 steps is also an option. Just equip yourself with couple of drink cans to uplift your energies.

Something for the Sports Lovers

Camp Nou Football

Football is a fascination for a large number of people, especially, the youth all around the world. You can quench your thirst to get a feel of the football match by visiting the Nou Camp that is one of the best football grounds in the world and it has a record of hosting the best matches ever.


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