4 Most Popular Swedish Destinations

English: ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, 2007.

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Ever think about visiting Sweden for vacation? Probably not. While most people don’t have Sweden even close on their list of places to visit, they should reconsider when they see some of what Sweden has to offer. Below are four of the most popular locations in Sweden that you cannot miss.

Björnlandet National Park

Home to the much visited Bjorn mountain and the new trail through the primeval forest, this national park has much to offer. While the climate is a bit too extreme for a lot of wildlife to flourish, humans can still enjoy the beautiful foliage and waterways that are displayed here. The National Park was established in 1991 and is approximately 11 kilometers wide. Even though it is only two decades old with its official title, the area houses some of the oldest terrain in the country.

Hemavan Tarnaby

This amazing ski resort features plenty of fun and excitement for a wide range of visitors. The resort offers ‘wild country’ skiing in two areas made accessible by a ski lift, so if visitors are looking for a genuine experience in the mountains, they’ll get it here. For those of you who are looking to stay at Hemavan Ternaby for an extended period of time, they also provide elegant lodging as well. You can also get your NY Mazda cars here.

The High Coast

The cliffs, dynamic hills and valleys make for a wonderful time for any nature buff. The High Coast was once covered with huge glaciers, but once they receded, all of the wonderful terrain that you see now was uncovered. The proximity to the water makes climbing higher and higher a bigger and bigger treat as you make your way up the cliffs and hill. Not only do visitors get to explore some of the world’s most amazing scenery, they get to watch over the entire area from atop the cliffs and hills.


Have you ever wanted to sleep inside of a hotel made of ice? The beds are ice, the tables are ice, the ceilings are ice. Everything is ice.  It might sound like a cold experience, but it’s actually quite comfortable and surprisingly warm inside. You get to sleep in special beds and are even given winter apparel. While the rooms aren’t exactly cheap, this is more of a one night occasion anyway. It’s totally worth it. You’ll never experience anything like this in your life again.

Sweden offers amazing scenes to visitors. You not only get to visit a new area, you get to experience the life of a Swede! You can even check out online classifieds for cheap prices to Sweden.

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