4 Fun Activities to Do in the Mountains This Fall

kayakingFall means cooler weather and beautiful scenery in the mountains. It is a great time of year to get outside and get back to nature. Here are four fun activities for you and your family to do in the mountains this autumn.


Fall days, with their clear skies and low humidity, are usually perfect for hiking. You can do some research on the Internet before you head out to find the perfect spot to hike. You should check the difficulty level and length of the hike before you start. A small backpack is usually sufficient for a day hike, but do not forget to bring water and snacks. Sturdy shoes are also recommended for hiking safely on muddy or rocky trails.


Kayaking on a mountain lake or river is a nice way to see the area. Kayaks are pretty quiet in the water which makes it easy to get close to wildlife for a great picture. If you do not own your own kayak, there are many kayak rental places near popular waterways. A guided tour is a good idea if you have never kayaked before. Always wear a life preserver and carry a GPS device when you are kayaking.

Riding ATVs

If you are looking for more thrills, get out in the woods on your ATV. There are some great ATV parks in the mountains, and some public trails allow them as well. You can usually rent an ATV at the park, if you do not own your own. There are many different sizes and styles of ATVs, so you can find one that is just right for your family. One of the most exciting places to ride your ATV is in the mud, but make sure you have good mud-terrain tires on your machine. Experts at simpletire.com suggest you check your ATV tires regularly for leaks and flats. There’s nothing like a flat tire to ruin your ATV fun really quick. Always remember to have a spare!

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is fun and challenging. Not all trails allow mountain bikes, so make sure you choose one that does. You need to wear a helmet while bicycling on mountain trails to protect yourself from unexpected hazards. You can usually go a lot further on a bike that you can walking, so plan a lunch stop at a scenic overlook.

Hopefully one of these fun activities will help you to get outside this Fall. With a little planning, you and your family can really enjoy this beautiful time of year in the mountains.

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