4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

If you are going on a vacation in the near future, one of your vacation planning activities should be to properly prepare your home in order to minimize the chances of home invasions in your absence. Because criminals are creatures of opportunity, making your home less convenient to break into will deter the majority of them. Here are four ways to circumvent potential household intruders while you are enjoying your time recreating and relaxing elsewhere.
Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Don’t Leave Your Home Empty—Get a Good Housesitter

Because thieves frequently case neighborhoods for empty houses, hiring a responsible housesitter can prevent your home from being targeted while you are on vacation. Many housesitters will also care for pets, indoor plants and gardens in your absence. Some housesitters only charge nominal fees for their services, and sometimes it is possible to find someone who will stay in your home for free while you are gone.

Make Certain You Have a Home Security System

If you don’t have a home security system, get one. Making sure that your home security system is in proper working order will ensure that potential thieves are discouraged from breaking into your home. Electronic security for your home is only effective if it performs as it’s supposed to when someone tries to break in. Home security systems should be tested on a regular basis, including right before you leave on a vacation.

Be Smart with Social Media Posts

People who are excited about going on an upcoming vacation naturally want to talk about it with friends and family, but an increasing number of thieves are obtaining their victims from social media postings. Even if your social media pages are only meant for the eyes of certain people, others may have access to them. Wait until you return from your vacation to talk about the fun time that you had while you were gone and to post photographs of the area you were visiting. Even if you believe that only trusted family and friends can view your social media posts, others can sometimes see them if they are on the friends’ lists of people who are also on yours.

Safeguard Your Electronic Devices Before Leaving on Vacation

Your personal computer and other electronic devises may contain information that will make you vulnerable to identity theft. Safeguarding the electronic devices that you won’t be taking with you on vacation, such as desktop computers, is recommended so that you don’t return home to unpleasant surprises. Hide these electronic devices, and be sure they are password protected and backed up.

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