3 Things It’s Okay to Forget on Your Next Family Vacation

Packing for VacationPacking for family vacations can be so stressful that many try to avoid taking them. There are an overwhelming amount of articles with things to bring on family vacations but this one focuses on reducing the amount of stuff packed so vacationing can be easy. The top three recommended items to forget are strollers, alarm clocks, and itineraries. Do this and you’re guaranteed to have a memorable family vacation.


Orlando is a great area to visit that you can forget lugging that humongous stroller by plane or trying to stuff it into the car truck. Most major theme parks provide stroller rentals at reduced costs for guests. Orlando stroller rentals are a convenience that makes getting to the main attractions inside the park quick and painless. An added benefit to a stroller rental is not having to worry as much about theft. Rented strollers are usually engraved with the venues name, making them less of a target for unsavory characters. And with the price of a good personal stroller, this adds piece of mind for vacationers.

Alarm Clocks

Many devices like cell phones and tablets do double duty making life much simpler. If you need an alarm clock, plan on using one of these items and forget packing that space hogging clock in your luggage. Most hotel rooms are also equipped with an alarm clock/radio combination as an alternative. Another option is using a hotel which offers a wake-up call services. Or better yet, sleep in an hour or two! You are on vacation and unless you have an excursion or show planned, relax and catch some extra restorative sleep.


Have you ever heard of someone coming back from their vacations saying they need a vacation from their vacation? There is a simple way to avoid this all too common problem. Families try to fill up every single minute with the fallacy of thinking they are maximizing their trip. While they may be maximizing their time usage, this doesn’t equate to quality family time! Avoid making any itinerary. Don’t fall into the trap of making a schedule so you hit every single ride in the park. Instead, have each member of the family pick their top three attractions inside the park that they must see. Go to those first and consider every one you are able to get onto as icing on the cake. You will have a much more relaxing vacation as you will not feel rushed.

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