3 Most Amazing Attractions in London

London has so much history that it is practically swimming in it. It would take weeks before you got to see everything you wanted to when visiting London, and that’s only if you limit yourself to things and place you know. Below is a list of three attractions in London that are just too exciting to pass up and are certainly worth your time.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

The reconstructed Globe Theatre, London, by Bu...

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Very little is known about Shakespeare in his early days in London, but most everyone knows he is famous for his near genius plays. With his famous plays like Romeo and Juliet, MacBeth and Hamlet, Shakespeare was a brilliant writer, and his work is still considered to be some of the best ever, making this one trip that most will find fascinating.

The Globe was built in 1576 by actor-manager James Burbage in Shoreditch, the first structure built specifically for plays. It wasn’t until the 1580’s that Shakespeare would join the troupe, but it was from this point on that the Globe Theatre would flourish into a powerhouse for over 20 years.

The original Globe Theatre burned to the ground, was rebuilt and then finally demolished in 1644 after it was closed in 1642 under England’s Puritan administration.

A project emerged to restore glory to the Globe in 1949 headed by Sam Wanamaker, American actor, producer and director, and was designed as close to as accurate as humanly possible to the original, based on drawings and analysis of the original site of the Globe. This is the Globe Theatre we see today in London, but it is just as magnificent as the original.

The Tower of London

Tower of London

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While it is not known exactly when the Tower’s construction began, the first phase of building was underway during the 1070’s by William the Conqueror. By 1100, the Tower was completed and was the most impressive fortress ever constructed.

Around 1530, Henry VIII continued the work that was first started by Henry VII, his father, to finish royal residential buildings. It was also around this time that the Tower would become famous for its royal prison.

A few other minor projects were also commissioned, but the Tower remained relatively untouched and that is how the Tower looks today. Although there was damage to the massive fortress turned prison during the World Wars, tourists will still be able to view to Tower in near original condition.

If you decide to visit the Tower of London, you can even get there easily by driving in your mi used cars.

Hampton Court Palace

At 16th century Hampton Court the lesser court...

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In 1236, the manor of Hampton was acquired by the Knights Hospitallers of St John Jerusalem and was used as a farming area. Not much is known about how it was built, but it was once a small complex and then later a palace. It wasn’t until around 1520 that Hampton Court would become a place that royalty would use as a vacation outlet.

In the 1530’s, Henry VIII spent more than 62,000 Pounds (18 million Euros in today’s market) rebuilding and extending Hampton Court.

While a number of other kings took residence here, none of them put as much money and effort into making Hampton Court Palace what it is seen as today.

In addition to visiting the Palace and walking through the labyrinth of rooms, you can expect to spend much of your time in the gardens as well. With the beautifully decorated grounds, fountains, mazes and flowers, the surrounding areas of Hampton Court Palace are just as spectacular as the interior.

With so much to do in London, you need to manage your time if you plan on visiting. While there are plenty of attractions to choose from that are amazing, you must allocate time to visit these three attractions. And the best part about all of these attractions is that they’re all affordable. What’s not to love?


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