3 Amazing Ways To Explore the Beautiful Arizona Desert

Some cars are just cars, some vehicles are just vehicles. They’re a way to get you to work and back, over to a friend’s house for a party, and to your hometown to visit your family. They’re a means to an end. ATVs, Jeeps and other off-road vehicles are much, much more than just a means to an end. If you live in Arizona, or hope to visit, some of the greatest adventures of your life are eagerly awaiting in areas where the roads aren’t paved and access lies in an exhilarating, bumpy tour in a Jeep or Hummer. Here are just a few:

Sonoran Desert, Arizona

The Arizona Hummer Tour

For those who want to roll out on more than just a standard set of ATV mud tires, Hummer is pretty much the vehicle of choice for the modern day Indiana Joneses of the world, and the ones they rent out at the Arizona Hummer Tour come packed to the gills with cool features. It goes without saying that the comfortable cab comes with well-maintained A/C and six roomy seats, but if you check out their website, you’ll see that their souped-up H2s also come with an Exo Skeleton roll cage and spotlights so you can enjoy the great outdoors no matter how dark, windy or rough it gets. For history buffs and armchair archaeologists, the real highlight of the Arizona Hummer Tour is the seven hundred year old Montezuma Castle. The first stop on the all-day trip, the castle is a national monument, and one of the most well-preserved cave dwellings in the country. Incidentally, the name is a misnomer. The structure housed, not the Aztec ruler Montezuma, but the ancient Sinaquas. It wasn’t a castle but sort of an apartment building where many families lived.

Pink Jeep Tours

One of the older touring companies in the American Southwest with a 50 year history, Pink Jeep is notable not just for the wild color of their Jeeps, but for their surprisingly modest pricing. For instance, their website lists some tours for $75 per adult, with some for even less than that. Not bad for a full day’s adventure in the desert. The tours cover just about the entire southwest from the Grand Canyon to the Sedona area. If Sedona looks familiar to you, well, it’s shown up in quite a few western films, such as the original “3:10 to Yuma,” “Angel and the Badman,” and around sixty other films, usually being passed off as Texas, California, Nevada and everywhere in between.

Desert Wolf Tours

Desert Wolf Tours offers a great, up-close look at some of the first people of North America with a stop at a Native American ruin. The Native Americans in this area were divided into two nations, Opata and Pima. The Opata were a fascinating tribe, with masculine female hunters and a surprisingly progressive attitude towards gender roles. Few Opata traditions are still in practice today, but the tribe remains and you might meet a few proud Opata people during your visit to the Sonoran Desert.

If you want to have the adventure of a lifetime, you don’t need to fly to China or join the Navy, you can take a thirty or forty minute drive out of Phoenix and find yourself knee deep in desert adventure right in your backyard by day’s end.

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