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Fjord in Norway by willemgo on Flickr

Explore Norway Through Its Popular Attractions

Renowned for its interesting natural landscapes, Norway is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Northern Europe. Spread over an area of 385, 252 sq kms with holding population of around 5 million, this country is known to be the second least densely populated country in Europe. It is also one the members […]

Egyptian Museum Cairo by V Manninen on Flickr

Places to Visit in Egypt on a Budget

With the winter months quickly engulfing the warmer temperatures folks want to find an exotic escape from their everyday chill. Many fly to the islands, road trip to a more southern state, or simply tough it out in the extremes of the tundra. However, few actually find their way to the history rich lands buried […]

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Most Popular Things to See in Old City Jerusalem

Jerusalem offers travelers some of the most breathtaking religious experiences around the world. With history dating back 3,000 years, it’s no wonder why Jerusalem is one of the most sought after religious vacation destinations. If you’re taking a trip to Jerusalem then a must-visit site is Old City Jerusalem. The area offers one of the […]

The World’s Most Romantic Stargazing Spots

There are probably more than a thousand ways and things to do to show or express romanticism. But there are few wonderful things that most people really enjoy and look forward to. Some of them people even wish to do before they die. A glimpse of sunset by the bay is adorably idyllic. The sea […]

Eating stroopwafels

The Netherlands and Amsterdam: What the Dutch Won’t Tell You Before Visiting

The Netherlands is a country that attracts many tourists every single year. Amsterdam attracts more than 3 million visitors anually! There are many beautiful landmarks to visit in this peaceful and culturally rich part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but when a tourist arrives they find certain things that could be labeled as strange […]

Climbing in Bolivia

3 Climbing Circuits in Bolivia: the Experience of Your Lifetime

Visiting Bolivia is a life changing experience. The blending of ancient cultures with modernity, the immersion in a past that is still mysterious and fascinating, the thrill of being in a place of rich architecture, culture and history, with beautiful landscapes, majestic scenery and an immense diversity in ethnicity, music, dance, food and traditions, all […]

Dancing House, Prague

Prague: An Architectural Dream

Prague is arguably one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The capital of the Czech Republic, it is the place over two million people have chosen as home, and millions of people choose to visit each year. The architectural creations that feature throughout the city are reasons in themselves to visit. There is a fusion of […]

3 Great Wheelchair-Friendly Destinations To Visit

Traveling is a great way to spend time with the people you love. Seeing different parts of the world can be extremely rewarding, relaxing, and fun. If you or someone you love is in a wheelchair, however, you may be hesitant to travel to certain cities. It’s frustrating to not be able to participate in […]

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