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Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado

3 National Parks to Visit During the Summer

The summer months present the ideal time for travel, camping, and visiting national parks. Due to the natural inclination of families to spend their vacation time at the beach, national parks aren’t as crowded. This opens the door for a better camping and exploring experience. People want to escape the crowds and chaos of daily life […]

Girls beach trip via Flickr

Surf, Sunblock And Safety: How To Take An “All-Girls” Vacation!

An all-girls getaway to Florida is the ideal time to regroup, relax and spend time bonding with your best friends. It can also be a great place to soak up some sun and get a taste of adventure. Staying safe while on vacation is important and makes a trip memorable for the right reasons. The […]

Spanish coastline via Flickr

5 Can’t Miss Sight-Seeing and Shopping Destinations In Spain

From years of German rule, Moorish invasions, and Roman domination, Spain has evolved into one of the most culturally diverse countries in Europe. Spain is a pastiche of historic splendor, modern museums, ancient artifacts, electrifying folk music, arts and crafts and smoldering flamenco dancing. The food, countryside, scenic shorelines, and well-known tourist haunts all promise […]

Top 3 Holidays on Horseback

Keen equestrians or those looking to rekindle their love of horse riding might be surprised to hear that there are lots of fantastic holidays out there – in the UK and further afield – designed just for them. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, here are a few ideas of horseback holidays that should […]

Travel Stress by JD Hancock on Flickr

3 Ideas To Take The Stress Out Of Vacation Planning

There is nothing better for relieving stress than a lovely summer vacation. Unfortunately, far too many people get stressed out by simply planning their vacations. With all of the details that need to be sorted out to plan a great vacation, it can quickly become overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Follow […]

Atlanta Airport via Flickr by Bob B. Brown

Mobile Nation: America’s 4 Best Airports for Tech Travelers

Digital-savvy travelers are well aware of how fast technology moves. These patrons are benefiting first hand from many of the innovations that have been incorporated into airport environments across the globe. While airports worldwide are embracing the technological revolution, these four are widely considered the best for tech travelers. 1. Dallas – Fort Worth (DFW) […]

Sonoran Desert, Arizona

3 Amazing Ways To Explore the Beautiful Arizona Desert

Some cars are just cars, some vehicles are just vehicles. They’re a way to get you to work and back, over to a friend’s house for a party, and to your hometown to visit your family. They’re a means to an end. ATVs, Jeeps and other off-road vehicles are much, much more than just a […]

Family Vacation by Aurimas on Flickr

A Vacation with a Twist – Great Family Activity Holidays

Finding a holiday that keeps the whole family happy can be a real challenge and the traditional options don’t always satisfy. As a great alternative to lounging on the beach or strolling around a city, activity holidays are a fun way to get everyone involved and engaged, regardless of generation. The family holiday can be […]

Albany Natural Bridge

Travelling from Adelaide to Perth, Australia

One of the most interesting journeys one can make in Australia is going from Adelaide to Perth by car. This particular journey can take from a days to a week or more, depending on how often you want to stop off to sightsee along the trip. This trip should not be undertaken without some pre-planning. […]

Airplane Passengers

Keeping Occupied on the Long Haul Flight

Running out of things to do on a long flight will inevitably lead to self-loathing, triggered either by the pattern on the fabric of the seat in front of you or the particularly awful in-flight movie.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to pack multiple items to keep yourself occupied.  The more options you […]

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