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Nairobi, Kenya

Top 5 Family-Friendly Culture Events in Kenya This Summer

Kenya’s cultural calendar is packed full of enthralling cultural events throughout the year. If you’re planning a trip, why not tie in a few days in Nairobi at the start or end of your holiday to include some of the following? Or if you’ve got a craving for adventure and a bit more time, head […]

backpacking Europe

The Europe Backpacking Guide for Careful Travelers

To backpack through Europe risk-free is to not abandon common sense and store away safety tips. While preparing for your trip and embarking on your adventure, keep in mind the following precautions: Itinerary Attempt to have a destination goal every day and plan for overnight accommodations four days in advance at least. Carry a map […]


Spice Up Your Romance in Hungary

Its beauty and grandeur is indescribable, its art and music scene is one of a kind, monuments are nothing sort of a living history, romantic rivers persuade you to go with the flow and quality wines have an innate ability to turn a teetotaller a dipsomaniac. Hungary, situated in the heart of Europe, is a […]


Travelling Turkey in a Budget

If you are looking to have a memorable holiday, but you’re trying to keep to a budget, then Turkey may just be the country for you. Turkey is a vibrant country, rich in culture, and it is the meeting point of the European and Asian continents. Having been part of the Silk Road for centuries, […]

Charter plane

Reasons To Choose Air Charter Over Commercial Airlines

Do you find yourself dreading the thought of sitting through another 5-hour flight on a commercial airline every time you need to travel? You’re not the only one. While flying is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to travel nowadays, many things that inescapably come with commercial flights have, through the years, given […]

Hotel room cleanliness

The Dirty Low-Down – Checking Your Hotel Room Cleanliness

These days hand sanitizer is a common item on back-to-school-shopping lists, and liquid soap that is not antibacterial is passed over by most shoppers. Even the most “normal” folks out there have become somewhat germophobic, but many fail to realize the icky-ness that is potentially lurking in their hotel rooms. Whether you travel regularly for […]

North Yungas Road by Alicia Nijdam-Jones on Flickr

Vacationing in Bolivia

Bolivia is a landlocked country located in central South America is amazingly diverse in every sense of the world. It may not be the easiest place to travel, may not have the best cuisines but it is its great cultural diversity, stunning natural beauty, deep multi-ethnic indigenous roots, centuries old Spanish occupation , foreign immigrant […]


Beer and Bands at Tockwith Festival 2013

Growing into one of the best events on the UK music festival calendar, The Tockwith Festival in York was back this year for the fifth time last month. Its budding reputation is no surprise to anyone – it’s got the lot! Those who went could drink and dine with new friends, enjoy the music acts […]

Home Security by Mr. T in DC on Flickr

6 Things You’ll Want to Do Before Going on Vacation

For months and months, you have been waiting for your trip. At last, this glorious day has finally arrived, and you can now enjoy your vacation. Wait one more minute though. You have six more things you must do before leaving. Install a Security System Leaving your house empty for days or weeks at a […]

Travel on Instagram

7 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Views of the World

Five million photographs are uploaded to Instagram every day, but that doesn’t mean they’re all worth seeing. Don’t spend your time wading through mediocre vacation snaps. We’ve compiled a list of Instagram’s best travel photographers to save you time! Skimbaco Makes Mark on Instagram Image via Flickr by JACK VIEW Katja Presnal is the brains behind […]

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