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Travel to Switzerland

Switzerland Travel Guide

Switzerland, bordered by Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, France and Germany and formally known as the Swiss Confederation, is famous around the world for its world-class alpine sports, outdoor summer festivals, historic architecture and vibrant local culture. It is popularly known as the Playground of Europe and is the favorite destination of travelers all over the globe. […]

Travel Apps

Book the Vacation of your Dreams with these 5 Travel Apps

Planning your dream vacation can be a daunting task as is, with the possibility of hours spent in front of a computer or on the phone searching for the best hotels, restaurants, activities or other trip options. But modern technology is making vacation planning easier than it has ever been, especially if you have a […]

Packing for Vacation

3 Things It’s Okay to Forget on Your Next Family Vacation

Packing for family vacations can be so stressful that many try to avoid taking them. There are an overwhelming amount of articles with things to bring on family vacations but this one focuses on reducing the amount of stuff packed so vacationing can be easy. The top three recommended items to forget are strollers, alarm […]

Times Square New Year's Eve

New Year in New York

There’s no doubt about it, New Year is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. For many, it’s a reason to find an event bigger and better than the last, while others enjoy sitting in front of the television with their loved ones and a relaxing beverage. If you’re looking for something special to […]

Packable Food - Image by Ish Frost on Flickr, used under Creative Commons License

Travel with Peace of Mind: Include a Stash of Emergency Food on Your Luggage

These days, enthusiasts of the “prepping” movement are appearing everywhere. This movement emphasizes the importance of storing away an abundance of food, water, and other items in the instance of there being a natural disaster or an emergency of another kind.  That way, if you are unable to leave your home for whatever reason or […]

Quebec City street

Quebec City in a Day

Sometimes you have to see a city in a rush. Whether it’s because you have a connecting flight or are only visiting between road trip destinations, it’s something that everyone will experience. On this occasion, I was visiting the amazing Quebec City on a cruise and only had a limited amount of time to see […]

Rental Car, Flickr photo by bradleypjohnson, used under Creative Commons

Ways to Save Money on a Rental Car on Vacation

For travelers flying into a city on a trip, renting a car can be an expensive necessity. Finding ways to reduce the cost can make the proposition a little more palatable. While it may seem like the customer has little choice but to pay whatever amount the rental agency charges, there are ways to pay […]

Packing List

Using a Packing List – What to Take

When traveling, a lot of people inevitably forget something; this is because they did not make a packing list. You should already have a rough idea of what you are going to be packing, based on the weather, destination, and the length of your trip. Some things are easy to buy along the way, such […]

Skiing Holiday - photo by nonanet via Flickr, Creative Commons

Seven Tips to Save Money on Your Skiing Holiday

With the increase in bills, food shopping, clothing and just about everything else why spend more on your holiday, when you really don’t have to. We have taken the time to show you various ways in which you can make significant savings before and during your ski holiday.’ 1. Borrow or purchase your ski wear in […]

Crowned Crane

Tenerife’s Hidden Wonders – Diverse Wildlife and Majestic Landscapes

Like most tropical islands nowadays, Tenerife is famed for its pristine beaches and tourist heavy night clubs, but this particular resort has hidden treasures. The flora and fauna, fantastical landscapes and diverse wildlife is sure to steal your heart. Tenerife’s coastline stretches on for 800 miles making it the largest of the Canaries. Sun bathing […]

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