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Caribbean Cruise and Stay Holiday

Top 5 Places For A Caribbean Cruise And Stay Holiday

The Caribbean is the most popular destination for cruises, with more passengers opting to enjoy a voyage in this region than anywhere else in the world. So how do you make it even better? By making your holiday last even longer as part of a Caribbean cruise and stay package, with a hotel booking either […]

The Bridge of Sighs, Oxford, UK

What to Expect on a Guided Tour of Oxford

Oxford, England, is a very well-known UK city. Many will attach the name with the famous Oxford University; however, in recent years the city is becoming very popular for tourists in the UK to go on guided walks. There is countless walks to participate in, all of which depart from the Oxford Visitors Information Centre. […]

Berlin Cathedral

Eight Must See Sites to Visit when Traveling to Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, has always been one of the top tourist destinations for travelers across the globe. With its rich historical past, Germany is certainly one of the most resilient cities. Today, Berlin is popular for its diverse mix of cultures, dotted with historical destinations that are silent witnesses to Germany’s history. Being […]

Secrets of Travel Agencies

5 Big Secrets Travel Agencies Don’t Want You to Discover

If you’ve read articles on tips to save when you are on vacation, they probably have the same old line of thinking: find cheap hotels, rent a car, bring your own water bottles etc. Yes, these are all true, but there are five secrets that when you read them will make so much sense, you’ll wonder why […]

Road Trips

Road Trips: Building Character and Forging Bonds One Disaster at a Time

For many people, travel is a time for rest and relaxation. These people like to go on vacation to exotic destinations and get there as quickly and painlessly as possible so they can kick back and unwind. These people are pansies. They have no sense of adventure, possess a dearth of intestinal fortitude and were […]

Unusual Skiing Destinations - in Niseko, Japan

Top 5 Unusual Skiing Destinations

Usually, when those of us in the northern hemisphere think winter sports we think North America and or the Alps. So here are some unusual places outside of North America and Europe that you may want to consider. We should make it clear we’re not talking about places where you shouldn’t be able to ski – places like […]

Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida

Fort Lauderdale – Fun for Everyone

Fort Lauderdale, Florida has a host of fun activities for travelers of any age. This dynamic Florida city is located between Miami and Palm Beach, and it experiences balmy temperatures and sunshine year-round. Fort Lauderdale is family friendly, and it’s known as the Venice of America for its numerous canals. Visitors are sure to fall […]

Brisbane, Australia

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Brisbane, Australia

Are you planning for a vacation this summer and if you’re passionate enough to look for different and unique things around the world, then Brisbane the state capital of Queensland Australia would be the perfect place to visit. Brisbane is one of the most tourist visited cities in the world with plenty of unique activities […]

Washington, DC is a popular location for educational tours

Exciting Educational Tours Everyone Will Enjoy

Educational tours provide a wonderful way for students to learn. They will appreciate a fun-filled, exciting setting. If you’re considering an educational tour, remember that it needs to combine the excitement of discovery with the benefits of recreation. Benefits of Educational Tours The best educational tours should never be dull. If planned properly, they should […]

Places in New Zealand - Auckland

Must See Places in New Zealand – North Island

New Zealand is truly a magical country. With beautiful landscapes, a rich culture, and enough sheep to shake a stick at, you won’t be disappointed in New Zealand, no matter what you do.  But for those looking for a bit of guidance to the “land of the long white cloud,” here are some great places […]

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