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Cortegana Castle in Andaluc

The Best Castles in Andalucía, Spain

Historical and cultural Southern Spain is interesting to most and to castle enthusiasts or medieval historians it’s even more of a draw. Spain boasts more than 2500 castles from a variety of periods including Medieval, Moorish and military fortresses. It’s impossible to tour around all the castles in Spain as even the most avid tourist […]

A Cliff in Normandy

How to Travel Cheaply to the UK and Europe

Traveling remains to be a cherished dream etched in hearts of people all around. Even falling currencies and the current economic slowdown do not deter people from visiting the UK and Europe. These two places rule the roost when it comes to choosing the best travel destinations in the world. These places are not only […]

A Dock in the Maldives

The Maldives: Postcards From Heaven

In the Maldives capital of Malé, gelato coloured buildings snake through shady alleyways. The area may seem impenetrable to outsiders due to its tiny 1 mile radius and prodigious population of 100,000 people in this tiny space. However, not far from anywhere in Malé is the ubiquitous beach and sea – a legendary treasure that […]

Port St. Lucie Golf Course

Top 5 Cities in Florida for Travellers

From the historic city of Tallahassee to fiery South Beach in Miami, traveling to the Sunshine State any time of the year brings excitement, fun and adventure. Florida’s near perfect weather and numerous sites of interest make any traveler’s itinerary complete. The people at Sarasota Hotels recommend these activities in each of the most popular […]

Road Trips

Surviving Hazardous Driving Conditions On a Road Trip

Are you well prepared for your road trip? Most people have an innate need to travel at some point in their life. This could likely come from the nomadic tribes of the past, but regardless of where this urge comes from, it definitely exists. Taking a road trip is great way to act on that […]

Lakeside Vacation Homes

Owning A Vacation Home – The Ultimate Convenience!

For most people, the highlight of their year is vacation time. If you are thinking about purchasing a vacation property, you should know that you have many options to choose from when it comes to ownership. Choosing the right type of holiday home ownership depends greatly on which would suit your lifestyle and your vacation […]

Road Trip Essentials

Don’t Get Stranded: Road Trip Essentials

Packing up the vehicle and heading on a road trip can be an enjoyable way to explore the countryside, a practical way to save money, or a fun activity for the whole family. Unfortunately, road trips can entail some hazards. What to Do Before Your Road Trip? Preparing the Vehicle Before loading up a vehicle […]

El Capitan, Yosemite, California

The 6 Most Stunning Natural Sights in North America

If you’re thinking of travelling in North America for a bit of outdoor recreation, the only thing to do is book your tickets now as you’ll be in for a treat. There is an extraordinary variety of terrain, from lush temperate forests and waterfalls to arid deserts populated by eerily-shaped rocks and from the great […]

Travel Safety

5 Places to Find The Best Walks in France

I’ve spent many happy days and weeks having walks in France and even when I was a young lad, bereft of my Inter-rail ticket and happily strolling without a map or clue where I was going, the highways and byways from Calais to the Côte d’Azur offered endless opportunities for adventure. Inspired by books, such […]

Crystal Cruises Serenity Ship

Top 5 Exotic Cruises For Couples

If an exotic cruise with your significant other is your idea of a dream vacation, there are plenty of options from which to choose. A cruise is a great vacation: you don’t have to plan anything, all of your food and drink is provided for you, shopping excursions are frequent, and all the entertainment you […]

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