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Cote d'Azur, French Riviera

Top Five Beaches and Seaside Resorts in Europe

Vacationers looking for a European vacation centered on lots of sunshine, warm water and beautiful scenery have many options to choose from, with France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal offering an eclectic mix of seaside resorts and golden-sand beaches. Here are five of the best: 1. Côte d’Azur, Provence, France This stretch of coastline, known as […]

Spoil Yourself This Summer in Europe’s Luxury Hotspots

When researching truly luxurious destinations, one word keeps popping up: Europe. This vast collection of nations features a wide array of cultures, cuisines and thousands upon thousands of miles of coastline to watch the summer sunset from. Countless celebrities, millionaires, magnates and members of royalty enjoy frequenting these places and it’s about time for you […]

An Oahu Scuba Diving Adventure

We’ve always wanted to try Oahu scuba diving. My wife is always going on and on about how we never have any time together ever since we had our three kids and I started my new job. So, I decided for our twenty-fifth anniversary that I would take her on a vacation to Hawaii, just […]

London Bridge

8 Things to Do and See in London

London is one of the oldest and largest cities in Europe. Exploring London should be right near the top of anyone who likes to think of themselves as a world traveler. The following makes a great checklist for your trip that skips the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. 1. The Inns of Court The Inns […]

Quick Cash to Pay for Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become quite popular in recent years. Many couples are looking to travel somewhere exotic for their wedding instead of staying local. A lavish wedding destination can double as a fabulous honeymoon location to escape to as well. Tropical beaches and Las Vegas are some of the most common destinations, but there are […]

Great White Shark on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Adventure in Australia

While in Australia my wife and I decided to make our adventure a mix of rainforest exploration, SCUBA diving, and hiking in the Outback.  Though we stayed for most of the time in the sparse, wild northwest corner of the land Down Under, we found that there is something for everyone on this diverse, fascinating, […]

Vieux Carre, New Orleans, Louisiana by JasonParis on Flickr

New Orleans: A Working Vacation

New Orleans is one of the most beautiful and fun-filled cities in the world. It is also a financial and cultural center. Most people who visit New Orleans are doing so as much for business as they are for pleasure. If you have the good fortune to have your company send you to New Orleans […]

Royal Ontario Museum

Four Reasons You Need to Visit Toronto on Your Next Vacation

There are a myriad of words to describe Toronto; liberal, clean, green, politically correct, polite… but none can really capture the essence of this underrated city. Want palm trees and sun? Go to Miami. Looking for amusement parks and hot weather? Go to southern California. Looking for a different cultural experience in an unassuming country? […]

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Family Friendly Things to do in Baltimore

Despite its gritty depiction in ‘The Wire’, there’s a reason why Baltimore is also known affectionately as ‘Charm City’ and it’s more than just a pleasant surprise to discover that this quirky and friendly place is one of the best family holidays abroad. So, if you’re contemplating a visit to Baltimore, perched on the Chesapeake […]

Apartheid Museum

Johannesburg – A Ravishing Tourist Destination

There are several tourist destinations in Johannesburg which can be of real interest to tourists. Not many African tourist destinations offer the variety of places like Johannesburg. The city is full of contemporary fun places to visit along with a lot of history to look at. A key characteristic of the city is that you […]

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