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Snorkelers with a sea turtle in Hawaii

5 Things You Must Experience on Your Hawaiian Vacation

1. Eat Authentic Polynesian Cuisine There’s something delectable about Polynesian food. The range of flavors is unlike what we’re used to in colder climates. It’s packed with the rich colors and flavors of fresh seafood, tropical fruits and macadamia nuts. The best way to taste the food is at a luau. Luaus are traditionally great […]

Hellisay, Outer Hebrides

10 Facts About Holidaying in the Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides are located off the west coast of Scotland. They are a chain of 12 islands connected to the Scottish mainland. The islands encompass 150 miles of land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Minch. Some of the most populated islands of the Outer Hebrides are the Lewis and Harris, South Uist, North […]

Mediterranean Cruises

Cruising the Mediterranean

In the wake of the Costa Concordia and Costa Allegra disasters would you go on a cruise liner at the minute? I would honestly say yes to that question. Not only are the prices now being slashed due to these incidents but the safety records on cruise ships are still impeccable. Now let’s have a […]

6 Tips On Planning The Perfect New York Destination Wedding

Very few cities in the United States conjure the romantic feelings that New York does. For those that have never visited the city, New York has an air of mystery and appeal. Couples that have spent time in New York quickly fall in love with its mixture of excitement and culture. If you are planning […]

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Top Five Places to Visit in Queensland

Planning a trip down Under? Given the glamour associated with a trip to the land of kangaroos, it is evident that you would be confused about the best hubs to visit on the trip. In case your trip is of a short duration, try exploring Queensland as much as you can. Most travel guide sites […]

View from Panoramapunkt, Berlin, Germany

Mini Guide to Berlin, Germany

In just the past 100 years, Berlin has already been through so many things that has greatly affected how it is today. Going around the country will treat your senses to a variety of museums, galleries, operas, and clubs. Read on and know the best places that you should see and do. What to See […]

Ibn Tulun Mosque, Egypt

Travelling Egypt: The Land of Pharaohs

Egypt is a country that is well-known for its ancient history and civilization. However, this country is more than just its monuments and pyramids. There are so many other things that tourists can see and do in this wonderful country. Below are some of them. Mosque of Ibn Tulun The Mosque of Ibn Tulun is […]

Best Hostels around the World

Sometimes hostels get a bad rap, but they’ve come a long way from dingy dorm rooms, squeaky beds and smoke filled corridors. celebrates the best in hostels around the world in their Awards for Excellence and there are plenty of properties to choose from!  Here’s a quick round up of some of the key […]

Sights of the UK

2012 Is The Year Of The UK – But Why?

There are two very important main reasons why the United Kingdom is the destination of 2012, and there are also lots of little ones, which will thoroughly convince to you come visit, or so I hope. The Big Reasons The first, I’m sure you are well aware of as it is the biggest Sports event […]

Fishing Boats in Albufeira

A Guide to Albufeira, Algarve

Albufeira has been a popular resort in the Algarve for many years, with the seaside town providing visitors with a taste of the luxurious Algarve . The town’s location right on the coast, close proximity to Faro airport and popular nightlife on the Strip all add the Albufeira’s appeal. There’s more to Albufeira than just […]

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