2012 Is The Year Of The UK – But Why?

There are two very important main reasons why the United Kingdom is the destination of 2012, and there are also lots of little ones, which will thoroughly convince to you come visit, or so I hope.

Sights of the UK

The Big Reasons

The first, I’m sure you are well aware of as it is the biggest Sports event of 2012, and while writing this article the torch has been lit in Greece and is starting its journey to the UK to then tour across the country before the games begin. The whole world and all of the UK is very excited.

The second big reason to come visit the UK this summer is because the Queen is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. As celebration, we Brits will get an extended weekend with the official Jubilee party taking place on the 2nd of June. This will be a very lively, very big and very British party. If you haven’t had a chance to explore the UK yet, then June is a great month to aim for, as we will all be in a very good mood and drag you into the celebrations.  If the chance to see an entire country celebrating and being able to be a part of that party isn’t enough to persuade you to come visit, then I’ve still got some more options to tempt you with.

The Smaller (but tempting) Reasons

Okay, so I am incredibly biased about the UK, but if you’ve read or heard about the Yorkshire Dales, the amazing country houses and the Medieval castles which we have to offer and you’ve also liked what you’ve heard and read then the UK should be on your list of summer vacation options. London is, of course, a must see, but there’s so much more, which is often missed out, so I’m going to tell you about all the other great places you can’t miss.

Oxford University is not only a very famous university, but has stunning architecture. It is the oldest university of the English speaking world, and the second oldest of the entire world. The oldest is the University of Bologna in Italy, although there is some dispute that Oxford may be older, proof is unfortunately lacking. If you enjoy a mix of architectural styles then Oxford won’t disappoint as it has buildings from each period dating back to the Saxon era (5th century).

Once you’ve enjoyed Oxford, you have to visit Cambridge. There’s no point admiring the oldest university in the English speaking world without looking at the second oldest one, too. My arguments to visit this Uni are the same as for Oxford, but Cambridge also has a very famous Alumni. Stephen Fry is the most famous person to graduate from Cambridge University, and that’s since 1209. Well done, Stephen.

Moving on from the University cities of the south, you must venture up to the stunning landscapes of the north. The rolling hills of heath, peat and moorland of the Yorkshire Dales will simply take your breath away as well as show you the inspiration for Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre novel, as well as for her sister’s, Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights.

While you’re exploring Yorkshire, don’t forget to take a look at the town of York, most famous for being a very important Viking town. In the Jorvik Viking Centre you can travel through time and see first-hand how the Viking’s lived in York, and smell it too.

I hope I’ve been able to convince you of the virtues of the UK’s landscape, architecture and history, and that you too will regard 2012 as the best year to come and take a look for yourself.

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