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Place Royale, Quebec City by Luciano Zingaro

Amazing Canadian Summer Vacations

Canada is a healthy mix of outdoor adventure and urban sprawl, so whether you want to get away from it all or get moving, it has quite a bit to offer vacationers. Get back to nature with extreme sports, or spend your days shopping and sightseeing in one of the major cities. If you’re looking […]

What to Pack for Holidays with Small Kids

Are you packing your bags to fly off to some glorious destination yet? Unfortunately, if you have small kids in tow, travel can’t be as spontaneous as it once was, and careful planning is a must. If, that is, you want to avoid disasters. What you pack definitely depends on where you are going, for […]

Three Canoeing Destinations The Whole Family Can Enjoy

When it comes to leisure travel, it’s easy to get focused on the glitz and glamour of amusement parks, tourist traps, and shopping malls.  While the allure of these attractions is understandable, they are among the most expensive attractions for vacationing, and its not uncommon for visitors to return more exhausted than they left.  For […]

5 Places Not to Miss when Visiting Mauritius

Mauritius is definitely a place that is recommended for all those that are looking for a tropical destination. But do you know that the island has more to offer than the usual sandy beaches landscape that we see in tourist brochures? In this article I will be sharing 5 places that you should not miss […]

The Grand Bazaar

Top 5 Things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul is a magical city bustling with energy.  It can also be overwhelming without a guide to lead you to the best the city has to offer.   Explore these 5 treasures of Istanbul to have the fullest, most varied experiences of travel experiences. 1. The Grand Bazaar The Grand Bazaar is home to over 4,000 little shops, […]

Enjoy Nature Locally

Finding Fun Family Vacations On A Budget

If you are like the millions of other people around the world negatively affected by the current global recession (which, in spite of what pundits say, is still going on for most of us), chances are that you don’t have as much money as you would like, to take your family on vacation. But being […]

UK Royals Tour

The UK Royals Tour Experience

    People have always been drawn to the royal family. Though tours revolving around the royals used to be conducted a few times a week, they are now highly sought after and are now given daily. Some tours take you around London’s famous landmarks by foot, and others let you ride in style. Whether […]

Aruba Beaches

Aruba Resorts

Whether you are looking for a peaceful or romantic getaway, a family fun vacation, or a golfing outing you can find it at an Aruba resorts. In downtown Oranjestad, the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino is a village in itself filled with shopping, restaurants, and casinos. The two distinct hotel choices can accommodate any type […]

Top Cruises for Australians

Cruises are perfect for everyone: singles, couples and families. Not only can you take part in the myriad of onboard activities but you will visit exciting ports of call. Whether you choose to take a cruise to the Caribbean, Fiji or New Zealand, you’re sure to enjoy your holiday. Take a look at these top […]

Flu Vaccinations by US Army Corps of Engineers Europe District

Health Passport: Checkups and Vaccinations Checklist

When you travel to an exotic place, you have to make sure you bring everything you need: bathing suit—check, camera—check, guidebook—check. You do your research beforehand and find out whether you can drink the water, what kind of food you’ll find at local restaurants, and what popular tourist destinations are within walking distance of your […]

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