15 Tips to Help You Have a Great Time in Peru

El Misti, Peru

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If you are planning your first visit to Peru, you are in for a real treat! Peru is unique among the nations of the world. From the Pacific Ocean to the Andes to the rainforest, no nation on Earth is quite like Peru. It is easy to get overwhelmed if you have never been before. Here are some tips to get you started.


1. Pack an Assortment – Peru has many different climates, and it can be cold at night and burning up in the day. You will need many kinds of clothing during your stay.

2. Bring Cold Weather Gear- Unlike other equatorial countries, Peru is not entirely tropical. If you are going to be exploring the Andes or visiting in the winter, you will need protection from the cold.

3. Dress in Layers- This is a good tip to follow when going on a hike. A warm jacket that was necessary when you left your base camp can become a tiresome burden by lunchtime. Be sure all of your layers are light and easy to remove.

4. Bring Rugged Clothing – You don’t want your clothes to get torn up during your excursions; make sure everything is tough!

5. Other Considerations – You will need long sleeves and pants to protect yourself from mosquitoes. You will also need water-resistant boots and a raincoat.


1. Store Hours – Many stores in the larger cities are open 24 hours a day; otherwise, the usual closing time is six or eight pm.

2. Market Stalls – Most cities and towns have market stalls that sell food and other items. It is easy to spend your whole visit without ever stepping foot in a store!

3. Banks – Bank hours tend to be from nine am until six pm Monday through Friday. Some are also open on Saturdays.

4. Taxes – The standard tax is 18 percent. Hotels and restaurants charge an additional 10 percent as a service fee. Tips are also expected.

5. Paying – Cash is welcome everywhere and many establishments take credit cards. There are also ATMs and places to change traveler’s checks. Many major stores and hotels take U.S. dollars; the rest require the Neuvo Sol, which is the official currency.

Other Considerations

1. Tap Water – Don’t drink it, at least not without boiling it first. Buy bottled instead.

2. Pictures – Most Peruvians won’t mind if you take their picture, but you should ask first.

3. Electricity – Peru operates on a 220 volt system.

4. Museums – The majority of museums are open every day but Sunday. Hours tend to be from nine am until noon and then again from three pm to six pm.

5. Internet Access – Most major cities and some smaller ones have Internet cafes.

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