13 Myths about Cruise Travel

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You might have heard a lot of generality about cruise travel; people might have told you that you might get bored, that you will need a formal dress, you’ll be surrounded by old people, or get seasick, and definitely gain tons f weight. So which of these stories are true? Here are 13 cruise travel myths to help you make sense of it all!

1. You Have to Dress Formal For Dinner

You have to be prepared for a formal night or two, but you don’t need to dress formally to eat in the main restaurant. You can escape the entire formal wear restriction if you want to by avoiding formal nights altogether.

2. You’ll Experience Claustrophobia

Modern cruise ships are equipped with spacious cabins that are as large as 150 square feet. There are decks large enough to hold multiple tennis courts and olympic-sized swimming pools. You’ll feel just as claustrophobic on a cruise as you would feel at a large resort.

3. You’ll Be Stuck With Old People

Cruises these days encourage a healthy mix of seniors, young people, single people and large and small families. They do this to ensure you feel just as comfortable on board, as you do in your town or city.

4. Once You Pay Your Ticket, You Don’t Have To Spend Any More

Your cruise ticket will cover your passage, your entertainment and main meals. However, you’ll have to pay for drinks, special shore excursions, and special activities for kids, photographs and delicacies from the ship pastry shop. In addition, there’s service charge of $10 per person and airport and port taxes.

5. Cruises Are A Costly Deal

Some cruises are expensive, but that’s not true of all of them. In fact, a family cruise to destinations such as the Mediterranean can cost you just $42 a day per person, inclusive of shore transfers and meals. Cruise companies sometimes offer 20 to 30% discounts to attract customers.

6. You Have To Take Expensive Cruise Travel Insurance

It’s best to opt for a mix and match of travel insurance that allows for trip cancelation, trip interruption and local safety. If you work with a cruise travel agent, you can further reduce your insurance burden through the two-for-one discounts, kids’ sale free programs and free airfares.

7. Cruises Are Not Meant For Children

If anything, the opposite is true. Cruise companies want to attract families, and therefore go out of their way to market to children. In fact, the Royal Caribbean cruise line offers customized children programs including surf schools, teen lounge and disco, gaming portals, craft classes, preschool kids school and so on.

8. You’ll Just Put On Weight

Granted you may not have the opportunity to be as active as you usually are when at sea. Cruise lines have noted that the relaxed atmosphere may cause people to overeat, which is why they make it a point to offer lighter, healthier dishes and print nutritional statistics on their menu sheets. Most cruises also offer sports, gym, swimming pools and other activities to keep you fit.

9. Cruise Activities Are Boring

In those days, cruises were meant mostly for relaxation, but that’s all changed now. On top cruises, such as Royal Caribbean, you have activities such as rock climbing, body board surfing at sea, ice staking, luxury screening rooms showing the latest films, technology seminars that teach you how to create websites, cooking classes and much more. You may not be able to participate in all the activities by the time your cruise is over!

10. You’ll Be Cut Off At Sea

Cruises these days offer state-of-the-art communication facilities such as Wi-Fi internet access, ship to shore calling and even overseas cell phone chips if you want them! If anything, you’re more cut off from your family and work when you’re on a plane, than a cruise.

11. Cruise Ships Are Not Eco-Friendly

Modern day cruises are aware of their eco-responsibility and most of them are incorporating ways to save and reuse grey water. They’re also taking precautions not to pollute sea water. It’s always good to check on the eco-friendly policies of your cruise company before you book your trip.

12. There’s No Safety On A Ship

A cruise liner is like a mini-town; you have CCTV cameras, security officers and strict rules to prevent crime against passengers. The railings are too high for you to fall over. Crimes are not common, since no one can jump ship in the middle of the sea.

13. You’ll Get Horribly Seasick

A small boat or ship keeps shifting and causes sea sickness but that’s not the case with large liners. The seas can get a bit rough at times but the sheer size and weight of the modern day liners will keep you steady. Most of the time, you won’t remember you’re on board a ship.

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