10 Unusual Holiday Destinations in South America

South America has the great Amazon as well as vast rain forests, waterfalls and the high Andes Mountains. Modern cities are within its borders. Here are ten of the continent’s most fascinating, out-of-the-way and unusual holiday destinations:


With an inactive volcano backdrop, Arequipa is a large city in Peru that is the gateway for exploring the Colca Canyon and more than 80 regional volcanoes. Outdoor activities in the region include mountain biking, hiking, fishing and other sports. Inside the city, the monastery is a historic complex with narrow streets, courtyards and fountains.

Arequipa, Peru

Arequipa, Peru

Colonia Del Sacramento

Looking like Lisbon in the 1700s with meandering cobblestone streets and Portuguese architecture, this historic town in Uruguay is an easy ferry trip from Buenos Aires and has resort hotels and boutique inns for travellers who want lodging. The town has a waterfront with beaches and restaurants, historic sites and attractive gift shops.


With some of the most numerous and stunning beaches in Brazil, Florianopolis is on the shores of the mainland and stretches across the waters to Santa Catarina Island. The Hercilio Luz Bridge was built in the 1920s and it connects the mainland with Santa Catarina Island. Hotels and villas for rent are found in this beautiful location.

La Serena

In northern Chile, La Serena was founded in the mid-1500s and is a pleasant metropolis to visit with hotels for comfortable holiday accommodations. Those staying in the city can enjoy a tour of the observatory with its phenomenal planetarium and make the short trip to Dalmas Island to see the sea lions, penguins and dolphins.


The city of Manaus is the Brazilian destination for expeditions exploring the Amazon River and the rain forests, some of the largest forests on the globe. Welcoming and comfortable inns and bed and breakfasts provide places where visitors can return after guided day treks and ventures into the jungle and the Amazon River.


On Margarita Island, travellers can get a taste of traditional Venezuelan culture while enjoying a relaxing beach holiday. The food stands and vendors on the beach serve delicious local cuisine at an inexpensive price. The area offers fantastic scuba diving opportunities and contemporary shopping malls. About six beach hotels provide lodging.

Coast of Pampatar, Venezuela

Coast of Pampatar, Venezuela


In this city near the most eastern point of Brazil, hotels and rental villas are in abundance. Art galleries and museums, churches and historic architecture and amazing beaches are some of the attractions in the area. Visitors can take in local performance arts events, go scuba diving and take catamaran journeys up rivers and around the coast.


Located in south-western Argentina, Salta is a metropolis spread over the vast Lerma Valley. The city and region has numerous things to do and see on tours like historic buildings, the Andes Mountains and the surrounding wilderness. Action is found in cycling, mountain climbing and riding a canopy zip line as well as other outdoor sports.

San Rafael

This city in western Argentina is very near the Andes Mountains. Known for its wine country, travellers can find family-run inns and resort hotels. Several Spanish language schools are located in the area, and the region has attractions such as dams across mighty rivers, mountains and rock formations and a high-wire excursion in the forest.


An ancient silver city, Sucre in Bolivia is a peaceful and laid-back city with a college built in the early 1600s still educating today. People can tour a castle and other fascinating historic buildings, and the area offers a variety of outdoor sports such as climbing, hiking and quad trips. The city has excellent holiday accommodation options.

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