10 Must-Do Things While in Lanzarote

Lanzarote, a beautiful Spanish island in the Atlantic Ocean, was named by Lanceloto Malocello, the Genoese sailor. It is known as the volcano island and is strategically positioned between Africa and Europe. There are many holiday villas to choose from here which all come at a competitive price. In this article we will talk about the ten things you must do if you are visiting this beautiful island.

Beautiful Pool on Lanzarote

10 Popular Lanzarote Attractions

1. Admire its beautiful nature

Nature at its finest. UNESCO named the island Biosphere Reserve in 1993; many different landscapes can be appreciated inside the island, and sightseeing and contemplating them is a must do activity at any time.

2. Visit the Centres of art, culture and tourism

Created by César Manrique, the first thing a visitor sees when entering this place is a mixture of the volcanic nature of the island and the aesthetic of the artist stands as some of the most visited spots on the island. Many beautiful holiday villas are close to this spot.

Volcanos at Timanfaya in Lanzarote

Volcanos at Timanfaya in Lanzarote

3. A day at Volcano Park at Timanfaya

It is the island’s most visited tourist attraction. Close to one million people visit this landscape every year. It is said Manrique designed the optimum route to go through the park. At sunset you can visit El Diablo restaurant, where delicious food is served
and a panoramic and breathtaking view can be appreciated. Many delightful views are enjoyed from the holiday villas.

4. Enjoy Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua, an impressive 6 km. long lava tube, created by mother earth more than 6,000 years ago and developed by César Manrique as we know it today. Rita Hayworth referred to this as the eighth wonder of the world.

5. Discover Cueva de los verdes

As part of the same Jameos del Agua structure created by lava, this underground structure has had many uses through time. Pirates wishing to pillage raided the island and this was a preferred place to hide. It is beautifully lit and the guided tour will show you the many optical illusions it hides.

6. Sightseeing at Mirador del Río

Mirador means lookout and this site shows one of the most fantastic views of the island. The curvy windows of the mirador make it a natural blend between construction and nature.

Jardín de Cactus in Lanzarote

Jardín de Cactus in Lanzarote

7. Jardín de Cactus

The Jardín de Cactus, or cactus garden in Guatiza is one of the most visited attractions, not only in season but all year round. A natural showroom of this plant species is a magnificent showcase of cacti.

8. Visit the César Manrique Foundation

With land buried underneath a sea of lava, Manrique decided this would be his first major work of art. When tourism in many cities of Spain was growing he contributed to the growth of Lanzarote. Many gorgeous holiday villas were built at this time.

9. Museum of international and contemporary art

The senses of the visitor are rewarded when visiting the Museum of international and contemporary art. The Castillo de San José translates as the St. Joseph Castle and this is where the museum is housed.

10. Figure out the Monumento del Campesino

A 15 mt. sculpture is made from old water tanks, a house museum, tapas bar and an underground restaurant which makes this a puzzling but delightful place.

There are many activities to do in this small but delightful island, no wonder it is a preferred site of many tourists, many beautiful holiday villas are also found on the island so all in all Lanzarote covers all options.

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