10 Best European Cities to Spend Christmas

Don’t sit at home next Christmas dreaming of an exotic holiday in a foreign country. Start planning now! Use our guide to the best Christmas destinations across Europe to begin preparing for your Christmas vacation.

Read on to find the best European cities to spend Christmas, whether you’re traveling solo, looking for a romatic vacation, or taking the entire family along.

Christmas, Dusseldorf, Germany - best European cities to spend Christmas

10. Dusseldorf, Germany

The capital of North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany, lies on the banks of the Rhine. Dusseldorf is one of the most important cultural, economic and commercial centers the country has.

The visitor sees a striking architecture of the early twentieth century, combining art nouveau with local characteristics, and vertical gardens on the facades of buildings. For your information Dusseldorf is not only known as the town of beer but as the city of mustard too. The Mustard Museum awaits all those who appreciate good food and also have cultural concerns.

The fact that there are more than 250 pubs in the historic center has given in Dusseldorf the title of “the biggest pub in the world.”

Find yourself in Dresden at Christmas, instead? Check out the Dresden Christmas Markets, said to be the most beautiful in Germany.

Christmas, Budapest, Hungary

9. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the most beautiful and romantic capitals of the world. A city that is bisected by the Danube into Buda, the old grand location on the hill, and Pest, which is more modern and has quite the nightlife.

Six bridges, one more beautiful than the other, connect these two sides of the city for about 100 years. Hungary, known as a lowland country, has been developed over the well-known and fertile steppe, Puszta. There are many major attractions both in Budapest and the province (Lake Balaton, the village of Szentendre, Estergom, Visegrad, etc.).

Christmas, Frankfurt Germany

8. Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany. It is the birthplace of Goethe, which became a rich city. It is the commercial and financial heart of Germany with 200 international banks and is built on the river Main.

Famous for its skyscrapers, Frankfurt is the only European city that allows such buildings in the historic city center and also is one of the few European cities that have a significant number of skyscrapers.

The past and present of Frankfurt coexist harmoniously. The panorama from the public platform of the skyscraper Main-Tower. It is the most famous skyscraper in Frankfurt, totaling 200 meters. The view is fantastic from the top and you should definitely visit it.

Do not forget to try the combination of German beer and sausages of Frankfurt in any traditional beer. You should try apple wine too!

Christmas, Prague, Czech Republic

7. Prague, Czech Republic

The city has the privilege of being located in the heart of Europe and resembles a vast open-air theater scene.

It is no coincidence that Prague is accompanied by many names such as “magic city”, “City of hundred domes”, “golden city”  and “the most beautiful jewel in the stone crown of the world ‘as Goethe said.

You will enjoy walking in the statues decorated Charles Bridge, which connects the small place to the old city,  you will see the famous Astronomical Clock, the Old Town Hall and the Old Town Square.

Christmas, Vienna, Austria

6. Vienna, Austria

Always charming, Vienna is undoubtedly a city landmark of romance. Vienna combines luxury with imperial architecture of the future. The numerous Baroque buildings of the 16th century and Gothic cathedrals stand next to ivory towers and asymmetrical metallic constructions.

You will enjoy the summer palace of Maria Theresa, the famous Schönbrunn, the Belvedere Palace and you will tour to the famous Ring Boulevard where you will see some of the most important sights of Vienna like the Municipal Park, the Opera House, the square of Museums, the gate of Francis Joseph, the Parliament, the City Hall, the old palace theater, the University and the Church of Tamas, the Fotif Kirche.

Do not leave without trying strudel and fresh coffee in the Café Sperl or if you do not buy to your sweetheart chocolates from Confiserie Heindl and Sacher cake, straight from the source, the namesake hotel Sacher.

Christmas, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

3. Paris, France

Paris is one of the most sought-after destinations in Europe. The character of the city sights and the impressive architecture make it unique among the European capitals.

An important part of it is the river Seine, which divides the city into two parts, the left and the right side. Paris is huge and vast, from the Eiffel Tower to Defence and from Montmartre to Notre Dame, the attractions are endless.

For hopeless romantics there is always the district of Montmartre with its picturesque bistros, the hill that has the same name and the Sacre-Coeur. For more technocrats, there is Beaubourg with its impressive exhibitions and the equally impressive café-restaurant that offers panoramic views of the city.

Christmas, Thessaloniki, Greece

2. Thessaloniki, Greece

The city is becoming steadily over the last two years the most favorite Greek destination on Christmas and is rewarded by HELEXPO and EOT in the Philoxenia Tourism Awards. A cosmopolitan city with long historic civilization.  Being an influential ancient city during the Hellenistic, the Roman and Byzantium times, today Thessaloniki has been raising its own timeless character and its own stable modernizing pace rapidly.

Christmas, London, England

1. London, England, United Kingdom

London is not the most popular destination for Christmas by chance. With more than 30,000 shops and stores to choose from and a growing reputation in the fashion world, consumers will not be disappointed.

Also, the capital has 400 places that host live music events, which satisfy all tastes, from opera to British pop. You will be enchanted by the striking department stores Harrods and Harvey & Nichols, you will walk the famous Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street with the famous fashion houses as we suggest you to enjoy your coffee in Covent Garden.

Of course not forget to visit the British Museum. Be careful though, as on days 24, 25, 26 / 12 & 1 / 01, the museum will remain closed for holidays. And of course, you will be initiated into the nightlife of London. Starting with the famous Piccadilly Circus which has the statue of Eros in its center, you will meet Leicester Square, the center of nightlife in London and will continue in SoHo and the Chinese Quarter.

There you have it: the best European cities to spend Christmas! Are you feeling inspired to plan your holiday vacation?

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