Vacationing in Naples

Overwhelmed with all the wonderful travel opportunities open to you? Well, look no further because Naples is the place to be. Here are just a few of the many wonderful opportunities that await you.

Naples and Mount Vesuvius

Naples is the third largest city in all of Italy, coming in just under Rome and Milan with a population of 960,000. You just know a city with that many residents is bound to have a vast array of sights and activities for everyone.

Take a stroll

Think that sounds silly? Think again. Experts of Italian travel have said the same thing – to truly see the full beauty of the Italy, go get lost. Walk and walk until you don’t have any idea where you are. This is the best way to find restaurants, coffee shops, antique or boutique stores – the hidden gems tucked away from tourist crowds, so to speak. Restaurants such as La Cantina de Via Sapienza, Antica Port’Alba, and many others await you. Just look for places lacking long lines and filled with locals. This is the way to find the best of the best and make this trip stand out and have you craving for more years later.

Visit the coast

Sunset in Naples, Italy

Take a drive along the coast for a completely new outlook on what the beauty of a coastline can really be. With roads right along the water, on one side of your car will be awe-striking ocean scenery while the other displays the bright colors and cultural Italian architecture. Stop by places such as the Naples & Capodimonte Museum to immerse yourself in the true magnificence of Naples. You may do this by renting a car, getting on the tour bus, or renting a private van with a driver. Stop for a meal of fresh seafood or pizza anywhere (they’re all good!) for a casual dining experience you’ll never forget.

Explore Pompeii

Closer than you might think is the lost city of Pompeii. After hearing the tale of Pompeii as a young student, why not go experience its magnificence for real. Its tragic history is infamous, the story embedded into the minds of many. Any history buff will have a heyday here but folks of all types will be fascinated here. Also, you can visit Vesuvius, another historic site close to Pompeii.

A plethora of historic sites

Museum of Capodimonte in Naples

These can be found all over in your vacation city. Filled with culture and history, getting a taste of times past is easy to do. Buildings such as the Museum of Capodimonte, Complesso Museale De Santa Chiara, National Archaeological Museum, and many more are filled with various artifacts that have gone on to shape the charming and desirable Italian style beloved by so many today.

Just go sightseeing

Sometimes it’s worth fighting the crowds at the more popular tourist spots. After all, there’s a reason so many want to see something and that reason is usually that it is unconditionally awesome. So, believe it or not, sightseeing is among the top activities that you actually do want to participate in. Pick up a brochure or ask the locals what to see and, even though your feet are going to hurt by the end of the day, your fond memories will end up as full as your camera.


  1. Great it looks like a really cool and and a quiet place which not much population and will turn out to be a god place to take rest on vacations.

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