Travelling from Adelaide to Perth, Australia

One of the most interesting journeys one can make in Australia is going from Adelaide to Perth by car. This particular journey can take from a days to a week or more, depending on how often you want to stop off to sightsee along the trip. This trip should not be undertaken without some pre-planning. Firstly we rented a car, sadly my current car has issues so it might not make the road trip. Here is how our trip went.

Darling Ranges

Wave rock in Australia

It began by travelling east up and over the Darling Ranges. A good place to stop is at York, full of history and good resting place. Then we go south, having a late lunch at Wave Rock, one of the most impressive rock formations you will ever see. For our first camp, we chose Fitzgerald River National Park which is on the coast.

The next day we went to Esperance and then on to Cape Le Grand National Park. For us, this was the end of the day’s journey as we wanted to explore this wonderful coastal park and its granite formation that is called the Frenchman Peak. For those who want to go caving or even swim in an underground lake, check out the Nullarbor area.

Nullabor Plain

Nullabor Plain

The Nullabor Plain is a place to be admired but respected as well. The word itself means (loosely) no trees and it is a barren area to be sure, hence be well supplied before entering it. You will find a few small roadhouses along the way, but that is about it. The area also contains a very long straight road, some 90 miles, making it easy to loose one’s driving focus.

Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln, South Australia

From here we went on to Port Lincoln. There are many little detours of interest that you can take along this part of the journey. Have a good map on hand to ensure that you don’t miss one! This is especially true as you travel into the Eyre Penninsula region. Two popular stops in this area are the remote surfing villages and areas where sea lions congregate.

At Port Lincoln, you will find a great selection of cafes and other establishments to rest up at. Many of these overlook the sea and are wonderful to visit at night. From Port Lincoln to Perth, is but a few more miles.

While this was our journey, there are so many other things to see along the way if one chooses. For instance, those who love history may wish to stop at Eula to see an old telegraph town that has long since been buried by sand dunes. If you stop in Baird Bay, you can take a wonderful 4 to 5 hour cruise which is a great way to get a break from the road.

Margaret River

Lake Cave near Margaret River

You may also want to stop and enjoy a few hours at Sheringa Beach, or visit an authentic old settlement known as Nowhere Else. A very nice stop is in the Margaret River area. This place is full of interesting caves, wineries, and much more. It is worth a day (or more) of your time. Here, you can visit a birds of prey conservation area, known as the Eagles Heritage Centre. You can also visit some of the Margaret River caves that are in the area. The Mammoth Cave and Lake Cave are two of the most popular. Our favorite is the Lake Cave which is stunning with its underground lake. You can stay at the Margaret River Lodge which is a warm, friendly and relaxing camping accommodation that has a swimming pool and good eats.

Albany Natural Bridge

For those who have the time, a stop in the coastal town of Albany is well worth it. This is an old whaling town, and it was the last one to close back in 1978. You can visit an authentic whaling ship as well as hear old whaling stories. You can also visit some of the most impressive rock formations in the whole country and see huge natural bridges and breath-taking coastline. You will not want to miss what is known in the area as the dog rock formation.

As you can see, this trip is full of opportunities to see things that cannot be found anywhere else on the Earth. While the trip is long, it is also packed with things to do and see, and this makes this long drive well worth the effort. It is the road trip of a lifetime.


Julia Brown is looking forward to her next Australian Road trip. Next time she hopes to have some car finance ready to purchase a new car instead of renting. 

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