Exercise while Traveling

Healthy Travels

Our nation is slowly undertaking an initiative: the transition to electronic medical records. Once EMRs go live nationwide, all hospitals, clinics and medical professionals will have access to your medical information, no matter which doctor you’ve visited in the past. This can be particularly useful during travel, when people tend to get ill at the […]

Eating Healthy While Backpacking Through Europe

Having backpacked through Europe, I know that eating healthfully can fall by the wayside; due to lack of options and a transient lifestyle, finding healthy options can present quite a challenge. But eating healthy while backpacking is not an impossible task; it simply requires a little bit of planning. Accommodation Many hostels provide free water […]

Getting Enough Sleep While Travelling

  Getting enough sleep while travelling is a very big concern. Lack of sleep can disrupt not only your waking life, but your health as well. While Jet Lag is the most common sleep complaint while travelling, there are a bevy of others. Avoiding things like alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco are of course helpful, but […]

Plane Travel

Fly the Friendly and Healthy Skies

Hardly anything is more miserable than the inevitable jet lag that occurs after arriving at your new destination. Hardly anything, that is, except getting a cold in a few days because you have been one busy bee flying from one continent to another. Fortunately, if you are armed with the correct information beforehand, there are […]

Tips for Maintaining Your Fitness Levels while Travelling

We have all seen the bodies of people who travel constantly for a living – truck drivers and traveling salesmen are not famous for their superb fitness, generally speaking. Occasionally, an individual stands out – someone who is on the road constantly yet somehow manages to stay in really good shape. With a little thought, […]

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