Most Visited Museum in the US

If you are an art enthusiast or you just like to appreciate inspiring works of art then the Getty Center, founded by J. Paul Getty is a must see. This museum is home to some of the most breath taking art pieces in the world with sculptures, paintings and photography and attracts around 1.3million visitors a year. Not only are the exhibitions worth exploring, the architecture of the building itself is spectacular.

Getty Center, Photo by prayitno on Flickr used under Creative Commons

It is highly recommended that you take a tour and attend some of the gallery talks which run throughout the day. You can take a number of tours including an architecture tour which looks at Richard Meier’s extraordinary architecture and design in detail, famous faces tour looking at celebrity portraits and collection highlights tour looking at all the major pieces in the museum gallery.

One of the highlights of the Getty Center is the Central Garden, which was created by Robert Irwin a famous artist. The garden measures approximately 134,000-square-foot and is perfect place to enjoy the scenery on a sunny day. You can also take a 45 minute tour of this beautiful place to explore marvels such as a natural ravine and walkways where you will experience a mixture of sights, sounds and aromas. The garden is currently closed for renovations and will re-open on 27th May 2012.

There are lots of places to eat during the day; there is a restaurant with great service which serves mouth-watering food. Here you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Santa Monica Mountains, however it can get busy so do make reservations to avoid disappointment. There is also a café located directly below the restaurant which is great to grab a quick bite to eat and is much cheaper. If you want to enjoy lunch overlooking the Central Garden, visit the Garden Terrace Café which serves lunch, snacks and coffee and is open at weekends.

In the coming weeks, the Getty Center will be holding a Family Festival on the 9th June 2012, free of charge from 10am till 6pm. This will be a chance for you and the family to experience the world of celebrities, imagery, photography and posing for your own photograph and become the star on the front page of your own magazine cover.

Admission is free, with only a parking fee of $15 before 5pm. Please be aware that the Getty Center is closed on Mondays.


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